Only one thing a day - project me day 307

5 November 2010

I have been trying to blog since returning home from dinner last night but the reality is that I can only do one thing a day in order to be able to sit down and blog as comfortably as possible. I am trying to not take painkillers so that comes with the price of seriously having to pace myself.

Yesterday was Lunch with a friend of Greggie and then dinner at a friends house. It was also done tablet free, but there is a difference between me having proudly or stupidly not taken anything. I got to enjoy a glass of wine but still there is a little less sparkle than usual in my personality.

So, I left blogging till this morning but then got chatting to my special blog follower and friend, Robbie because we are finally going to meet in person when we are away on holiday in his town. I also had a long skype chat with my friend, Gypsy. She's Greggie's ex?colleague?actually, but there's a special girlie-friend thing brewing. I can feel it.
By the time I had finished with both chats I was too tired to blog. It was then early birthday lunch with Baba and my mom. We did a little shopping and I bought my long overdue pair of jeans and a pretty top. Just putting it on and taking it off exhausted me ... sigh!

That's it! I can't do any more! I am officially resting my tired back and every other muscle that is holding me together. I have no plans for the weekend and I am sure my body is so thrilled.

So I have officially decided that it can only be one thing a day for the whole of next week because my body needs it's time to repair itself and I can't go from being bed-ridden to socialite deluxe.
Monday is drinks with Surfer boy ... can't do anything before that or I will be a cranky old crock before I meet him. On that note ... I am officially feeling sloppy from the lack of exercise and the food I have been eating lately. It seems some of my weekend will be spent in true 'project me' style of being kind to myself so I don't chicken out of Monday's drinks date.
Tuesday I am writing an article or a blog ... I don't know what, but I know I'm writing! Then it's the standard Tuesday night with Greggie and mom. Sometimes I hate the thought of focusing attention of my life, even though I know how vital it is for all aspects of 'me'.
Wednesday is a biggie because I have a body stress release treatment with Dan. I feel great after those so I'm not counting that as my one thing. Cooking dinner for some special friends is my one. I haven't cooked in almost 3 months and I remember the last time I cooked I was bent over in agony. So excited for Wednesday ... except for the fact that I have to cook for my super chef friend, H! She's totally the best cook ... eeek 😉
Thursday is a super special day. 93 on Jan Smuts will be on Top Billing and then Greggie and I are guests at the hotel at night. Yes, there will be pics of Greggie in his Jimmy Jams 😉
Friday I have coffee with a very old friend who get me exercising when I was totally overweight. She was out of it for a while and now she's back. I need her again, to help me?strengthen?my back and get myself ready for a new life of cycling, swimming and pilates. Holding thumbs that she's eager to help me with this process.

Somewhere along the lines I want to see The Jock. We promised each other that we would catch up. I haven't seen him since January. I can't believe that! That might be Tuesday ... I'm sure writing can wait till when I'm at the sea. After all, it is my favourite place to write.

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    1. Tee hee ... I thought about that after and went "hmmm"! Then I would be a totally priceless moment that would totally outshine the desire for a Jimmy Jam pic from the public 😉

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