Pajamas and truth - project me day 685

16 November 2011
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It's early but I'm exhausted. I remember the old days of being the workaholic and being quite happy to go to bed at about 2am. I also remember the old days of not caring what time I went to bed because it was just me and my physiotherapy pillow.

Now it's different ...

Firstly, I'm exhausted because the days seemed to have turned to silly season and a time that I thought would be quite are actually crazy busy. I'm not complaining but everything is taking me out of my comfort zone and to be honest, I've been anxious all day.

Everything is making me anxious and that in turn is making me exhausted.

Because I can feel I'm being braver, more open, more receptive to all that life has to offer and I can feel things starting to shift ... into a good space. So my ego has decided to tap into that old belief that when everything is running smoothly, something is bound to go wrong. Trying to change that pattern is totally exhausting and all I want is my pajamas.

I have been waking up a little weary in the mornings. It's that back to school feeling when everything around me is so exciting. I don't want to get up or get out of my pajamas but the universe (remembering we are the universe) has coordinated early morning meetings every day this week. Cleva plan ... and I must admit, it's working.

But still, pajamas and my man are calling!
Sweet dreams or have a beautiful day ... depending on your soul choice and the place you call home!

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