Passion for perfume - project me day 798

10 March 2012
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It's strange the point at which you realise that you have a greater love for something than you thought.

I think I just had one of those moments.

There are a few things I avoid doing in my life ?and one of them is helping out my family too much just for my own sanity. It's strange how my sister dangling a sparkling bottle of perfume before me threw all of the rules out the window and her bargaining methods worked when she batted her eyelids and asked for some social media help.
She's good, I have to admit. Yes, in her methods of persuasion and in a few hours I had a mini social media campaign and had cleaned up her online presence. It helped her a lot that the sweet smell of perfume lingered in the air.

On the way home, clutching a new bottle of pretty scent, I started to chat to Pat about my perfumes and slowly realised that I had a decent number of them, there's not one fragrance out there that I haven't sniffed and ... wait for it ... I've also got the master manipulator flowing through my blood just like my sister.

A lesson in the power of manifestation can be as simple as noting what you get as gifts or where you get invited and the realisation that I've never bought myself a bottle of perfume got me thinking about my magical way of manifesting. I have every fragrance I have ever wanted ... okay, I think I'm missing a bottle of Chanel No. 5 and then my collection is pretty much complete. ... um, that's a hint to all the right people.

As I placed the latest offering to my fragrance collection, I realised the glass tray is a little more like a shrine to the gods and goddesses of fragrance and that the array of aroma might just be a little more important to me that some glass bottles filled with damn expensive essence.

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