Passion - Project me day 181

2 July 2010

After barely making it through the Netherlands against Brasil game, I'm back to catching my breath while watching Ghana play?Uruguay. So far my teams are through and tomorrow I have the stress of watching Germany (who I have always supported till the bitter end).

Yep ... it's still soccer fever in South Africa! It's greater than that ... it's soccer fever in Africa. Honestly, I only have bursts of passion for the sport but when it kicks in its one hell of an emotional ride. I'm thrilled about Netherland for 2 very important reasons. Firstly, I have very dear Dutch friends and they must be over the moon and the other is they are a very dishy bunch and I won't mind staring at them a little longer.

Tonight, however, the feeling is very different. Tonight I'm feeling as patriotic as when South Africa won the world cup rugby and South Africa was awarded the 2010 soccer world cup honour. Tonight I'm fixated on Ghana and can feel the whole of Africa pulling together.

Have I ever mentioned how patriotic I am? Well I am. Yes, there are things about Africa that drives me insane but there is so much beauty that it overshadows it with African passion.

Did you know that passion is my favourite word? I learned the true meaning of it when I was in my early 20's and I was introduced to an Italian man in his 50's. We used to go to his coffee shop and watch Formula One ... mainly because the waiters were cute, of course. He had been waiting since he was a about my age to see Ferrari win after a spell of decades of losing race after race. Michael Schumacher was the hope for Ferrari and in the end I was more excited about watching racing with him than my absolute love for the sport. I was with him when Schumi and Ferrari won the championship for the first time in 21 years. That day I learned what passion means and it has inspired me and driven me every day of my life.

As 'project me' goes I'm feeling pretty much like Ghana right now. I'm so excited and surprised at where I am and I know in my heart of hearts that I can do it ... but I'm still shitting myself!!
There are meetings going on and Lifeology has been given the opportunity to get involved in an online marketing team where I will be offering social networking support. It's an amazing feeling to be called upon and asked to share the all that you have learned and the tacts that are nothing much more than passion.

It seems I've found a venue to start doing talks for Organic Orgasm and Greggie and I are working hard on introducing The Foundation ...

And Ghana just scored a goal ... hang on while I do a little scream and shout and jigg!!!

Right ... back to blogging ...
Right, the foundation (to self help) is about to be launched. We are what we teach and it's been amazing to see what life has thrown both Greggie and me and how the very tools that we teach are exactly how we deal with everything.

The children's website is coming together, but once again we have had to remember the passion and not get lost in the fact that it's running very far behind. 'Project me' has been a great gift here because I could slowly be losing it if I didn't make sure that I was always having fun and forgot how important it is to have fun and be goalless.

Ok ... passion has persisted and I can't do anything more than sit through another tense 40 minutes in the hope that 1 billion Africans celebrate Ghana going through to the semi finals of this world cup!!
Go BaGhana BaGhana ... eeeeekkkk, I need tea 😉

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