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21 September 2012
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I love trying to focus on certain days and ask myself if I will remember where I was at that particular moment. We usually remember times like where we where when the second plane hit the second tower on September 11th. I was working for my mom then and I remember my dad come flying down the stairs, white as a ghost. We stood and watched the news while he frantically dialing my sister's hotel room ... In New York! She was there for a Michael Jackson concert and ... well, it wasn't a very peaceful day in my family's life at all.

All I wanted was to feel peace ... feel at peace!

When I was invited to the press release of #Peacestarts by the founder Cito from Wonderboom and Collett Dawson and they asked if Lifeology could represent #FollowSA on the day, I was beyond honoured. The first thing I thought of was what peace means to me. Of course that's the big questions that Peace Starts is asking each one of us and I've had a good few days to think about it.

I've come such a long way in my personal journey with self and slowly I've seen how life is giving me more time to give to others. It's like the reward for finding peace within ourselves is helping others ?find peace in their lives too. I won't lie ... it took years. Before #projectme I don't think I would have had once ounce of energy to comprehend the feeling of peace. So I stopped ... did some work on me ... and within time had enough energy to give life to #FollowSA.

With Miss Earth founder Catherine & Peace Starts founder Cito and of course ... Greggie

Peace Starts did something awesome today. They launched the Pledge for Peace campaign giving everyone the opportunity to discover what peace means to them and then DO something about it.
We are then asked to create a video, take pictures, write poems or song, perform, make others perform ... you name ... and then post it to the Peace Starts website. It's not just about today but every day for the year's campaign.

If anyone knows something about?committing for a year, it's me. I was only going to be doing this blog for 1 year and here I am heading for my 4th year. So I can't wait for the years and years to come of this incredible initiative.

My challenge has been such a person one and I intend to use the #FollowSA community to find out what peace means to them and add to this very important pledge. I just want to start by seeing a more positive attitude in my Timeline on my social platforms. I want to find a way to spread a message to people, that complaining about something or someone only creates distress within the person who is complaining and fighting with the world. That starts from inside and with a little bit of self love each day, I believe the entire psyche of the world could change.

What's your plan?

It's always so special seeing Miss Earth 2012 Tamerin Jardine

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