Pedicures, popcorn and a whole lot of p's - project me day 135

17 May 2010

From the humble beginnings of forcing myself to go to gym and not exactly enjoying much of it, I have become one of those people who schedules my plans around squats, lungs and bicep curls. No matter how busy the weekend, it has become my tradition to begin my Saturday and Sunday with a heart pumping workout.
I do leg training (or let's say I did) on a Saturday and then back to upper body on Sunday, but after not really being able to get past one step of cardio without the muscles of my legs screaming 'bite me' ... I've decided to mix it up a little. Let's do upper on Saturday, legs on a Sunday on give the poor things a break until I go for my middle of the week session. I know I'm supposed to be goalless ... but I've gotto be a little logical too. The purpose of project me is fun ... and damn straight that I'm finally having it at gym.
P stands for heart pump and a whole lot of pleasure!

It's officially tattoo week and I haven't chickened out considering Kiki can't make it to come with me and Greggie looked at me oddly when I suggested he come hold my hand. If we are throwing in 'p's here ... ?the pooping myself would be a whole lot of truth. It's only the pain thing ... oh look, there's another P.

I've also either done the dumb thing or the best thing by staying at Mr Big the night before. Firstly, I have it in my head that my healing tat is going to be all scabby and gross and that I'll be locked up in a healing?dungeon for about three weeks, so I've gotto see Mr Big before. Greggie thinks I've gone slightly mad and I'm sure now you do too ... but they that the (p)leasure of being me. So either I'm not sleeping the night before and then its a clever idea to be at Mr Big or I am sleeping and it's ... a clever idea to be at Mr Big ... but either way I'm gonna be waking up with butterflies and he's really excited that I'm getting the tat, so I should feel semi sane by daybreak.
On that note, I take a whole lot of pride in my appearance and am a pedicure, manicure and all preened kinda girl ... and now that I don't own the salon anymore, I've been doing my own toes and fingers ... and eyebrows! I'm loving it ... it's such fun and become a bit of a forth nightly Sunday tradition to spread out all my tools and pedi and paint toes while watching some super cheesy hallmark movie. Hmmm ... still need practice painting the toes. Beauty tip ... paint the cuticles with no worries and then soak your toes in the morning as give the cuticles a gentle scrub ... and there you go!

Present ... oooooh, this is a good one. It's Greggie's birthday in week!!!
I can't say too much because he's a reader of my blog and I can't give the surprise away ... but I do promise to tell you what I got him as soon as he opens it. What I do want to say is yesterday I realised that plotting and planning has never worked for me when it comes to buying presents. I had this whole thing planned out for his birthday, but when Text Guy was running a little late and I found myself hanging out in nearby shops to pass time ... well let's just say that something caught my eye, called me and said "I'm Greggie's present alright!"
You know my personality by now ... I wasn't blessed with the hugest amount of PATIENCE ... so best the days fly and his birthday arrives fast.
Party is the next big P ... Greggie's party to be exact ... and it's a dress up one and he's gone with one of my favourite themes: trailer trash. Yes ... there will be pics, but for the first time I wont have to fake a tattoo. Yes, it's allowed to be crusty for the dimmed lights of the party ... don't ask my why ... my brain doesn't do rational at all.

How's this for a cool 'p' ... that's my ring size. That wouldn't be relevant at all unless a twitter friend of mine from the states hadn't started my Sunday morning with a conference call with an amazing woman by the name of Koach Cookieslimmer!! She's all the way in?Hawaii and we hit it off the moment we said 'hi'. Cookie makes the most gorgeous?jewelry and I'm getting a Swarovski ring. Cookie makes her jewels by getting a feel for you, or you can choose from her design and then she ships it to you anywhere in the world. What a 'pleasure' for something so 'pretty'.

Popcorn ... I have to tell you about the madness that goes on by having the pleasure of living with my mother. Since I've been a little girl she's always mixed the oddest combination of things. She can never leave anything alone and will throw two of the most unusual combination together ... be it in soup, in a jar of hard cream/cow cream (I swear that's true) ... and now her latest ... popcorn with cinnamon and vanilla sweetner. That doesn't sound too bad, you say? ... um ... it's freaking salty popcorn ... eeeeeww! Needless to say ... mom thinks it's fabulous! Moral of the story ... prepare your own popcorn!

As for 'project me' ... a 'p' that I have grown to love very much ... well that's going pretty?perfectly!

8 comments on “Pedicures, popcorn and a whole lot of p's - project me day 135”

  1. Ah... popcorn. Can't really go wrong with that, unless maybe it's cinnamon and vanilla flavour.

    Spent much of the weekend with my Wii, now I'm so stiff that simply moving the coffee mug about on my desk is a major effort. Guess the gym wouldn't hurt me either... well, actually it would but isn't that the point 😉

    Can't wait to see the pics from the party. Trailer Trash should be entertaining.
    My recent post Now That We're Men

    1. Robbie, I always forget to reply to your comment with the reply button ... so I'm reply here to tell you to read the reply in case that's how you know I replied! not fake blonde for nothing 😉

  2. Well, can't say I share your enthusiasm for sweet popcorn. Call me boring but I'm a plain salted fan.

    We had a 4th of July party as a company team building event. A few were dressed like real trailer trash and worked fantastically well. But usually any reason for a party is a good one... a reason to get dressed up, even better.
    My recent post Now That We're Men

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