Percy and friends - project me day 332

2 December 2010

Percy Pigs finally in SA ... thanks Woolworths

In 2001 I climbed on a plane and flew to London to see Ronan Keating perform. Yes, I am working through my shame and admitting some of my craziest moments. He was amazing by the way ... and touched my hand and I never wanted to wash it again. Along with that memorable moment, I discovered the best sweet in the world ... percy pigs. That was me, I was in love! Sadly, percy wasn't available in South Africa and for the past 10 years I have had friends bring percy to me with every international visit.

Well that's not absolutely true ... mother did not bring me a packet when she was last in London, but I'm dealing with that slowly 😉

Anyway ... Percy is here!!! There is no way to express my excitement that the little pink pig is in SA and I can eat him whenever I want. Totally stoked ...

So I did what any girl with such excitement would do ... I Facebooked it! Well didn't that spark off Hustler Girl who had to share and so we ended up having a lunch with Greggie and Twinkletoes. They thought they were just lunching but little did they know that it was all in honour of percy!!! Welcome to SA percy!!!

Something is changing in my life and as it does it is bringing up a whole lot of family issues, pent up anger and emotional crisis. At the same time I am finding myself surrounded by the most incredible group of friends. For the first time in years I feel as though I am part of a circle of friends. I have many dear and longstanding friends, but we have tea or chat on the phone every so often. I haven't been in the space of a crowd of friends and I don't know when I have been this happy with the people in my life.

So of course we had to all eat percy together and what better place that at Hustler Extreme. Yep, we all gathered in Hustler Girl's very scrumptious adult store and munched on piggies. No guesses that percy wasn't much of the topic of conversation.

'Project me' is about to take a new amount of consciousness and a whole lot of truth and the thing that is keeping me calm and excited about the journey are 3 things ... My belief in myself, my circle of friends and percy!
Greggie knows how loopy I am, but he did look at me extra oddly when I told him that I can wish for percy and manifest him in SA then I can manifest anything. Um ... Greggie's point: I have always been able to manifest anything! Why did I take so damn long to bring both percy and the friends into my life??

Perfect timing ...

On that note ... there is a boy who really like me. We have only been chatting online and sms'ing. He shall be Shaman and I am trying to keep calm. He really like me and makes it very clear. He says his day lights up and his heart skips a beat when he talks to me. On the one hand I am trying not to be skeptical and paint everyone with the same brush ... he might be different Jodene! He might actually really feel that way when he speaks to me! So I'm 'project me-ing' myself like crazy here. Focusing on the now and the fun and having a little faith while asking myself "what's the worst that can happen?"
On that note ... I did an article for She's the Geek (oh yes, I mentioned it) Well here it is with thanks to Gypsy for the very clever name: Is your sixth sense off-line?

Sunday is Sunday Slunch - supper/lunch (don't ask) ... and I can't wait. I have a circle of friends ... and I'm taking percy to meet them all!

Before I forget ...?With 23 days to go this is my favourite Country group! ... I'll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams!! To all my special friends who will be far from their loved ones on Christmas!

11 comments on “Percy and friends - project me day 332”

  1. Today was just awesome and meeting mr percy pig did not go unnoticed, he will be very noticeable...on my thighs!

    I'm even more excited that he will be coming to slunch!

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