Picture my day - project me day 308

6 November 2010

I'm literally dancing through life because it's always a few steps forward and a step back. I've settled myself about it and didn't mind popping an anti-inflammatory. I did mind other stuff though.

I minded that I felt so trapped and miss driving like crazy. I also minded that all I want to do is go for a long walk or shop without getting too tired tired to try on a second thing. I also minded that it's been all about my back and my injury and my healing for so damn long and I didn't want a day like that.

'Project me' is about fun. Today I wanted fun ... so I made a whole lot of conscious choices and got a few rewards in return. As far as days go, it feels like it was picturesque so I decided to share it with you just as I am capturing each moment in my mind.

I might be a little more of a social networking-holic than I have let on. You see, nothing makes me feel better more than cleaning out my inactive followers on Twitter and then befriend new ones. I pride myself in growing my following without any auto followers or quick friend-maker applications. It's been all my socialising online and making friends along the way. I have spent little spurts of the last few days sifting through every follower I have unfollowing the dormant ones. My butt hurts but I feel so much lighter after letting some little blue birdies fly away! Obsessed enough for you?

Every once in a while my mom and I have a totally indulgent day filled with two things: food and girlie movies. We have a knack for choosing really soppy 'hallmark' movies that are filled with totally predicable story lines and an uncontrollable urge to cry. This one was about a dancing teacher who wanted to see her dance studio in a small town because it was her mother's dream and not hers. What she didn't know what that her father (who she didn't know even existed) was the half shareholder of the deed. Oh you know where it all goes ... but they did have line dancing and I made a decision right there ... next year's birthday is a Country and Western party. It make me smile to think about a time when my body will be pain free and I dance around saying "yee ha"!

Who says mother nature doesn't like a quicky?
This flash and really mean hail storm arrived from nowhere. It was such a great time to reminisce over my dad because he built this house and the whole place leaks. I can't dash around like a mad fool but by the time we had put the last towel under the drips, mother nature had had her 'moment'!
Just as ?soon as she came ... I mean, it came ... I mean ... as soon as it ... oh what the hell ... tee hee!!! Best 11 minutes I've had in a while 😉

What am I without a tear or two. Do I cry too often, I wonder?
As project me goes, I'm relieved to be crying more happy tears than those of frustration. I had one of those days where the tears kinda just rolled down my face and either landed in my ear or had a fun trip down the neck and you know where ...

Okay the ginger sweets didn't actually bring me to tears, but it was a close call. Have I ever shared my love for ginger with you?
My sister has this secret place where she buys these chewy and very burny (ginger burny ... if burny is a word!) ginger sweets that have 7 wrapped blobs of sticky ginger in a box. That's one for each day of the week and I savour it just like that. You never know when sis is going to be visiting again ... and yes, they are that?spectacular?that they get a special mention and a highlight in my day.

On the topic ... it's watermelon season and my family make the most of it. A lot of it is in tradition and memory of my dad who thought it was one of the god's greatest creations. My brother has followed in my dad's footsteps and gets very creative with carving watermelons into works of art ... but that's for another blog. Today was about stuffing our faces with watermelon and reminiscing (once again) about my dad. As a family, we really have that so right ... we never forget to keep the memory alive and laugh at my dad's crazy yet refreshing outlook on life. I needed that today ... and the ?watermelon didn't go down too badly either.

Hope, trust and pixie dust ...
When anyone ever asks me who my favourite actress is, I always say Tinkerbell. I have successfully managed to convince my 5 year old nephews that boys like Tink too and this bought me the chance to watch Tink's latest movie. Tee hee!
My love for Tink and all the other fairies of the world (and pixie hollow of course) says so much about who I am. This little girl at heart, who believes in miracles, magic and fairies.
It's been a long few months for me and the child inside hasn't been able to play for far too long. My nephews have had to tiptoe around me and I have been to tired or sore to enjoy my childish time with them, but today was different. Today was a me day, with my nephews thinking their Aunty Jo is a little loopy ... woo hoo, I'm a little more back on my A-game every day ... someone giggled at my silliness and total belief that Tink is like?absolutely?the best actress around.

13 comments on “Picture my day - project me day 308”

  1. Memories are pretty amazing. They can't be taken and yet are so easy to share. Never lost. Or as my thought for the day goes: "Eventually every candle will burn out, that doesn't mean that the flame has to die with it." The trick is to keep passing on that flame.

    😀 well... Tinkerbell is one of my faves too. Seen all the movies so far. Guess it's the Peter Pan in me (it doesn't hurt that she's always had a ridiculously small dress). Loopy for sure! But hey, if I was any different, I wouldn't be me... same goes for you.

    Ultimately the world needs a little more pixie dust... a happy thought and then it's the second star on the right and on til morning. 😉

    My recent post Rose of Sharyn

    1. I am always so excited to share my love for Peter and Tink. There is something eternal that captivated me from such a young age and now I keep a stash of pixie dust wherever I go! Tee hee ... she really is a looker of a fairy, isn't she 😉

    1. Thank you Greggie. I'm slowly learning how to use my blogging time to keep me in that positive and fun space. As for the cowboy outfit, we might have to stick a 'censored' sticker across your butt!

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