Pizza in Pretoria - project me day 773

14 February 2012

That's not something I thought I would be hearing myself say!

Hang on ... let me rephrase that for any of my Pretoria peeps who think I'm a snob and misunderstand my statement. You see, for those out of the country folk ... Pretoria is a little way away to be traveling for a pizza and as long as everyone speaks a very slow and simple for of Afrikaans, I'm always happy to travel ... but for pizza?

Who would have thought that so much of my life would be based around Twitter and the amazing South African peeps that make up the online community. A great part of that community are the fun and ever supportive Pretoria guys who are never shy to travel to Jozi for one of my #FollowSA Tweetups. Hence, jumping in the car with Greggie and Pat and heading for a Tweetup that was all about pizza and ... wait for it ...

I matriculated in 1991 and never did the varsity thing, but all of a sudden I felt like it was 20 years ago and I loved every minute of hanging out at Aandklas (translated for me as night class). @BaasdeBeer and @Hennokruger took much delight in?introducing us Jozi peeps to the bar prices and I swear to you I'm never going to get my head around this. These two cities are like 40km away from each other but a drink in our hood costs R25 and last night we were paying R10 ... no wonder the prize for the best naming of the pizza had us Jozi peeps too afraid to enter. Do you know how far a R500 complimentary bar tab could get you at Aandklas? Well that's like spending R2500 in Jozi according to @Baasdebeer ... and well, we'd basically be floored. Seriously, I want someone to explain to my why prices can vary like that ...

Not that I'm much of a drinker ... but they did kinda have me at pizza!

Can we talk price again please! I mean really ... who gets an out of this world, with all the toppings pizza for like nearly half the price you would pay in Jozi? Have the night was spent oogling over the mad costs that us Jozi peeps have to pay and sitting at the table with @liesldb, @ohgodknows aka Greggie and @patsloanephoto aka my fiance ;p ... I think we gave it away that we were from across town because we were literally hording and hoovering ... hoovering and hording!!

A big shout out to Aandklas for the amazing and funky names of your pizza from Russian against the machine, Smashing Pineapples, Bananarama and Silence of the ham. It was a major toss up between falling in love with pineapple or sweet chilli sauce on pizza.

Of course 20 Tweeps got #AKPizza trending! How could we not ... although I'm still surprised that anyone had time to Tweet between savouring mouthfuls.

Pretoria, that's far from the last time you'll be seeing me and as for my 'project me' life lesson .... it's got a lot to do with realising that the grass is greener on the other side ... well, at least it's cheaper!!

Kudos to the team of @ActivationZA?... you did an amazing job and proved that less is more in every sense of the word!

Branded fun for the night with my special friend @Liesldb


What's a Tweetup without a pout from Greggie and me


As always ... a big shout out to my amazing man, Pat Sloane Photography for capturing every moment in time perfectly

2 comments on “Pizza in Pretoria - project me day 773”

  1. I do believe that the perfect meal is a pizza and beer. Ultimately eaten straight from the box and beer from the bottle. 🙂

    Don't mess with the classics. 😉

    My recent post Eleanor Rigby

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