Poll: Dare I ditch the blonde? - project me day 370

5 January 2011

Besides the flattery, I'm now getting sufficiently nervous about changing my hair colour. I've been blonde for about 4 and a half years now and I know most people don't know me any other way. I wasn't very active on Facebook before then so I don't even think there's a picture of me with dark hair. The reality is that I was always different shade of dark or purple and a part of me thinks that red with show off my spunky personality.

So this is me blonde:

... And this is the colour that I want to go. Granted, it's Katy Perry I'm competing with but hey! I'm battling to label it as redhead because when I spoke the their hairstylist after he saw the pic he said: "the pink streaks" ... eeeeekkk!

So this is it! For the first time ever on 'project me', you have a vote! Blonde or red/pink-head! Bear in mind that this girl is stepping out into the world and making a statement that screams all 'project me' stands for ... what do you see when you hear me scream: "Hello World!!!"

PS ... comments would be appreciated because it's best you have a damn good reason to have freaked me out about a pretty simple decision (at the time!)

Hair is booked for MONDAY!! 😉


9 comments on “Poll: Dare I ditch the blonde? - project me day 370”

  1. Hmmm..... And if you do a google image search on her you won't find any with her with red hair...
    I wouldn't say co completely red... That's more of a plum... The lighting in that picture have an effect. It's like that blue-black colour... Looks black in normal light but has a blue tinge in the sun..

    I say go for it!!!

    1. Luckily the hairdresser gets all the details about lighting and stuff ... I just wanna be dark for a while! Monday ... yay!

    1. This is my year to be bold my friend ... so I thought a change that is very noticeable would make the world of difference 😉

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