Priceless - project me day 635

30 September 2011

I've tried to add an image to my blog thru the blackberry, wordpres app ... but it didn't work. So I had to copy my post to and gmail it to my mom's laptop then email the image and do the post while she generously stepped aside ...

I'm going even more nuts without a laptop but one thing we know about me is that an obstacle becomes my greatest driving force and I'm now on a mission to prove my worth for sponsorship through my Social media influence. I'm thinking the fact that the real Arnold Schwarzenegger follows me might help ;p

But this moment is about the present Mr Unexpected ?came home with yesterday and the reminder that some gifts are priceless. He wished he could buy me more or spend more on me.
I remember the day my dad bought me my sword for my alter. He had rolled his eyes a few days before when I said it was to be my next purchase and by the weekend he had sourced and bought it.
This gift has the same energy. When I smudged the house witj sage after the break-in and told my man that I had posted a dragon to stand guard at each door he also rolled his eyes. Just as my dad had done, his gift of acceptance of my ways was beyond words.

I know I can be a little strange but the acknowledgement of my beliefs and the gift of this dragon makes it priceless ...

4 comments on “Priceless - project me day 635”

  1. Oh my goodness Jodene... I can SO relate to the eye rolling men! I married one. 🙂 So cute.... he used to just pat me on my back and say "it's nice that you believe that honey..." and yet still supported me. Nice job Mr. Unexpected! What a wonderful gift!!!
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