Princess and the pea - project me day 248

6 September 2010
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I have 15 minutes to blog before my weekly dose of TV shows and my butt goes numb. The only reason why that's a crisis is because I've been a social hermit for the past few weeks and now I'm finding myself having to catch up on a lot of 'Hello's'.

I'm sitting and not complaining about my sore back. Isn't that amazing? Okay, I can't overdo it but today I can feel that I'm partially human and that everything is going to be alright. ?Do you know how exciting that is?
I went to the chiro today and she gave me a few more exercises and said to walk every day. ?Pity I can't drive to the gym yet and walking around my block isn't great seeing as though I live on one of the busiest roads in Joburg. But that's what I have Greggie for. Today we came up with such a kick ass plan. He fetches me and we drive to the gym (which is 1 and a bit km away) I swiped my gym card and then walked home. Smart hey? I thought so too!

So why the princess and the pea you ask? Well when I was growing up my favourite story was the about the prince who searched for the princess and the one who finally made the cut was the one who had a sore butt because she slept on a whole pile of?mattresses?and still felt a tiny pea through all of them. I'm sure that's when I dreamed of being a princess.

I didn't think my princess and the pea moment would be a pack of cold ones on my butt. If you wanna know what's turned the back around, its the peas on the butt, three times a day. I'm thinking that's as close to a princess as I'm gonna get.

I got the best compliment today. Greggie told me that through it all I'm looking good and haven't lost my spunk. That made 'project me' and every moment of every day so worth it. He said that he's watched me take car of myself and be kind to myself.
Remember when I started 'project me'? I was a workaholic and totally mean to myself and now I've become the princess with pack of peas on my butt! Woo hoo hoo!

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