Archetypes Course

This tool opens up a whole new way of viewing yourself and the world that can make your journey so much more conscious and fun.

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Archetypes hold the key to knowing yourself and telling yourself the truth about why you act and react the way you do. By working with the 12 archetypes uniquely creating your personality, you can make sense of you.

An archetype is best described as a universally recognised persona with specific characteristics that takes on a role that most people would be able to define.

Carl Jung worked a lot with archetypes in developing his psychological theories and years later, Caroline Myss developed a tool for you to discover your 12 archetypes.

We take you through a process adapted from Myss’s work not only to discover your archetypes, but to help you work with them too. This tool opens up a whole new way of viewing yourself and the world that can make your journey so much more conscious and fun. Understanding you brings empathy and compassion into your interactions with others.

What is included:

The course lessons are made up of more than 1.25 hours of video content, downloadable notes, and questions that are designed to aid your understanding and to make you more aware of your actions. Jodene and/or Greg guide you via 5 hours of personal online video calls, scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. They are also available via text or email to answer any urgent queries. Support is provided after the course via the Lifeology Facebook Group, where there are a number of past students and, of course, Jodene and Greg.

Who this is for:

You're wanting to explore the depth of your character, to see both your light and your shadow, so that you can realise your highest potential and interact better with yourself and the world around you. The tool also works well for couples who wish to deepen their relationship.

Comments from past students:

I have loved this course.  It hasn’t always been easy, but it has definitely given me a deeper understanding of myself and my own behavioural patterns.  This has given me an opportunity to reflect on my actions mostly, rather than react. - Chiquita

"Understanding my Archetypes changed my perspective on just about everything I do, from interacting with people to choosing customers. It's a frame of reference that delivers clarity about who you are and where you fit in the world." - Bruce

Everyone in the world needs this work. – Raksha

4 reviews for Archetypes Course

  1. Edwin Wegkamp (verified owner)

    I've been discussing doing an archetypes course with Greg and Jodene for years and we never seemed to get around to it. Having done it now I know that this was the absolute right time in my life. Thanks so much!
    The course is set up in an easy to navigate way and with Greg and Jodene there to guide, advise and educate the whole journey of self discovery is made so much more helpful. To be confronted with oneself and discovering why we are who we are can be quite daunting, however, Greg and Jodene created a safe and loving environment. It is wonderful to see them work together so well with the group, they truly do compliment one another so well.
    A more than worthwhile experience and I thouroughly enjoyed the laughter... and the tears.

  2. Daniel

    Are you ready to start knowing yourself? To go deeper and awake your inner world? This course is a step forward in your life. Greg and Jodene are unique and it is really easy to be yourself with them. You do not need to wear any mask with them, your archetypes will talk about you. Learn about them, accept them, like and dislike them! It is all part of your journey. A beautiful expedition where you will laugh and cry, always accompanied by the best guides. Trust them, trust you and start knowing yourself, it is the best gift that you can give you. Once the archetypes are part of your life, you will see them everywhere. You will understand why you do certain things and how to manage them properly. Come on... Join in! This is a great (and intense!) oppotunity with a wonderful team to support you - said by my Mother archetype, wouldn't you trust her?

  3. Bruce

    I completed the course with Greg and Jodene many years ago. What I learnt stuck with me and I refer to my Architype regularly, it's now part of my DNA. Understanding my Archetype changed my perspective on just about everything I do. From interacting with people to choosing customers. It's a frame of reference that delivers clarity about who you are and where you fit in the world. I'm able to see the opportunities where I know I'll excel and environments I should cautiously avoid. I now do more of what I love in environments where I feel I belong and less of the have to do's where I don't want to be. It's been great unlocking the value of the Archetype and being altogether happier with life in general. Take the course and live the difference.

  4. Sasha

    My fiance and I both did the course and it really gave us a deeper understanding of each other's personalities and characteristics. We are able to communicate more effectively simply because we understand how our archetypes work and interact with each other. (In my opinion, if you do this course, you won't ever need couple's counselling.)

    I cannot say how much this course has helped me understand myself both in my relationship with myself as well as in my business. Knowing my character traits and how each archetype comes to play in my daily life has really improved the way I think, function and react to things.

    I recommend this for EVERYONE, but especially for relationships and friendships. 🌻 This is really, really a 'GET TO KNOW YOURSELF' course! It is a great, fun rollercoaster😄.

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