Astrology Natal Chart Reading

Discover your authentic self and what is holding you back

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Jodene’s guidance through your natal chart helps you see your strengths and shadow within the 12 houses of astrology. Working through each zodiac and planetary placement within the houses ensures all aspects of life are covered in the reading, giving you understanding into your life patterns, unconscious responses, deepest desires, and all aspects of relating – to yourself and the world around you. Understanding that every astrological placement is perfectly aligned to support you in living a fulfilled and joyful life, Jodene helps you see that which you need to anchor as your authentic self and the parts of your ego wanting to hold you back from the unknown outcomes of conscious transformation.

NOTE: Jodene requires one week between payment of the reading and the appointment, as your chart is personally compiled and analysed by her before your reading.

The reading is 1 hour and offered online via a private Teams link. You receive a recording of your reading and your personalised report.

You can read more about Jodene and her experience here.

TIP: Once you are aware of the houses within your natal chart where shadow work could best benefit your personal growth, consider transformation coaching with Jodene. A minimum of 4 sessions are required to work through your shadow and the  bundle of 4 coaching sessions SAVES you 15%


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