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Jodene coaches you to discover and accept your authentic self and guides you to work with your shadow traits to understand your patterns for you to allow effective, confident and conscious transformation.

NOTE: To fully benefit from the shadow consciousness work, we recommend 4 coaching sessions to allow Jodene to guide you into the awareness needed to anchor your self-worth before digging deep into the shadow consciousness work, where she facilitates a process of identifying the traits that are within you and waiting to be acknowledged and brought into the light.

Each coaching session is 1 hour and offered online via a private Teams link.

You can read more about Jodene and her experience here.

3 reviews for Coaching with Jodene

  1. Aldi

    If you are open minded and brutally honest with yourself, coaching with Jodene promises to bring one quantum leap after the other and the potential exists that you will not recognise yourself when you look back to before you started the journey with her. I can highly recommend this.

  2. Chanene Ablett

    When I signed up for sessions I knew I needed change. I was feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. If you are willing to put in the work and be open minded up are in for a life changing journey.

  3. Natalie Cassar (verified owner)

    I was in deep 'funk' and needed clarity on my path in my professional and later to realise in my personal life too. I embraced being honest and open-minded - which was emotional but so rewarding. I would highly recommend coaching with Jodene, if you are willing to work on yourself!

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