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30 minutes with either Greg or Jodene to explore ways we can best assist you

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Not sure which of our services will suit you best right now? Questioning whether transformation coaching is what you're looking for? Not sure if we'll be right for each other?

We have established a full continuum of guidance and care to ensure that you can identify your core characteristics, understand how to work with them and bring them from the shadow into the light, while assisting your ego and physical body through this transformation. Through this process you can reach heightened consciousness and potential, to create the life you want.

Book 30 minutes with either Greg or Jodene and we will work with you to clarify what you want help with, and how we can best assist you.

1 review for Exploratory Consult

  1. Eugenie Drakes

    Thanks so much for the Exploratory Consult Jodene - it was informative, inspiring and I left with lots to 'think about and do' and I believe the result of this will be a much more clear platform to work from for me on a daily basis as well as if I work with you. Extremely grateful and much appreciated.........

    • Jodene

      It was my great pleasure! One brave step at a time, with the reminder to your ego that you are worthy and you are trusting in your intuition to guide you! x

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