Money and Me eBook

A guide to consciously co-creating happiness, joy, abundance and wealth with money as your intimately equal partner.


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Dear reader,

Trying to understand why money doesn’t flow to you with ease is frustrating, isn’t it? I’m sure you feel lost in a swamp of self-help, personal growth and motivational material, which doesn’t seem to have made any or enough of a difference. Let’s be honest, the self-help industry wouldn’t be one of the richest in the world if the theories worked and we could read one book which solved all the world’s problems.

The sad reality is that this should be how it works, because there is only one teaching to the law of attraction; also known as ‘thoughts becoming things’ or ‘manifestation’.

Like gravity, no matter whether you pay attention to it or even believe it exists, the law of attraction is. This should be taught to us from a very young age, separate from our religious or spiritual beliefs. Again, like gravity, it does not have anything do with what we believe, but it helps to know, so we don’t do crazy things like step off a cliff. In this case, the law of attraction has everything to do with what we believe, but nothing to do with our belief system.

The greatest frustration you are probably feeling is the thought of reading anything more about quick fixes to financial freedom. You just can’t take another self-help book. I promise you, there are no magical steps I’m going to tell you to take to begin a happier, wealthier relationship with money. This does not mean there is no work to be done, but it will speak to the heart of your relationship with money and not to your fears. If you’re doubtful right now, that’s okay because I’m going to ask you to ponder this statement first: The only step you ever need to take is having the faith to walk your own path to happiness, success or financial freedom.

Isn’t it way more comforting knowing that you simply need some greater understanding on how to be your own guide, who decides and navigates your steps to anything you want in your life? Do you feel ready to take your power back?

I know it may seem as though it’s way too difficult to even know where to begin, so this book is designed to guide you with the simple gift of better understanding money and your relationship with it. It took me years to unravel money and me, but when I did, I knew I couldn’t hold this inside of myself, and through these pages I’m paying it forward.

Who this is for:

If for you money courses and formulas have not worked in the past, then it’s time to try something different.  


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