Past Lives Tarot Reading

45 minute online past lives tarot reading with Jodene

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In this 45 minute online tarot reading, Jodene connects with your soul to see the four main past lives which have impacted the energy of this lifetime and the work which needs to be done to not repeat a key pattern.  

A recording of the session is shared with you afterwards.

Jodene has used tarot for over 15 years to guide herself and others through present moments, from a soul perspective.

Note: Jodene does NOT read fortunes / predict your future. This reading is a personal development tool to provide you with insight and awareness.

5 reviews for Past Lives Tarot Reading

  1. Di Atherton

    I had a Past Life Tarot Reading with Jodene and it was mind blowing to see the challenges and strengths I have brought through from previous lives. The reading is detailed and Jodene takes time to explain everything clearly. It was so interesting to see and finally understand the repeated patterns I have carried through to this lifetime. It gave me great insight into where I am now and how to move forward. Highly recommended. Jodene is an insightful. perceptive and intuitive reader.

  2. Lori Kirstein

    Jodene has remarkable insight not only on past lives and their impact on this life, but on where to "stand" in relation to the resulting challenges and perspectives. This makes her work powerful and applicable, which are two necessities in doing healing work that really works. I highly recommend you work with Jodene when you are ready to look at your life from a proactive and deep perspective. She is compassionate, truthful, and will not allow you to languish in misunderstanding!

  3. Stacy Snyder (verified owner)

    I had such an amazing reading with Jodene. She's so warm and easy to talk to, I felt her earnest interest in me and in helping me understand the reading. Jodene was really clear and I got so much out of our reading of my past lives and how they impact my current one. I feel so much more clear and empowered. Her words have stuck with me and I feel more confident in myself and my journey. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Jodene and I'll be sending my friends to her!

  4. Kerry Goldring

    The experience of a past life tarot reading with Jodene is a gift to yourself. The combination of Jodene's kind heart, warmth, incredible skill and knowledge will leave you with a deep sense of understanding where you have been, where you are going and how to make conscious choices to live your best life.

  5. Tracey Preston

    My Past Life Reading with Jodene has literally been life changing! Her insight, intuition and connection with Source is so powerful. At the time at which my reading took place, I was deeply seeking an aspect of purpose that eluded me. By the end of my reading, my path was so clearly mapped and my purposed regrounded. I will be forever grateful for Jodene's gifts and skills. I cannot recommend these readings enough. They are a gift to either yourself, or one you care for, who is ready to approach their lives in a more meaningful way. Truly. Being able to live closer to your purpose in this life, is something quite incredible. Thank you Jo!

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