Personality Profile

Discover your authentic self and what is holding you back

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A comprehensive blueprint of the core characteristics that define your personality, with insights to embrace your authentic self.  

Working through each Archetype within the distinct themes of life, such as communication, values, life balance, potential and self gives an understanding of your life patterns, unconscious responses, deepest desires, and how you relate to yourself and the world around you. 

Two options are available:

(1) Report & Consultation:

You receive a personalised report on your personality, as well as a session with us to highlight key aspects in the report, guide you towards what you can start focusing on and answer any questions.


  • We require one week between payment of the reading and the appointment, as your profile is personally compiled and analysed by us before your reading.
  • When you book, please specify whether you would like your reading to be with Jodene or Greg.
  • The reading is 1 hour and offered online via a private Teams link. You receive a recording of your reading and your personalised report.

(2) Report only:

We email you a personalised profile only. It is detailed and contains all you need to know, but it can be a lot to learn about yourself all at once. You can purchase a coaching session with us at a later stage if you feel you need some guidance.


You can read more about us and our experience here.

TIP: Once you are aware of the life themes within your personality profile where opportunities to change could best benefit your personal growth, consider coaching with Jodene or Greg. A minimum of 6 sessions are required for your foundation of self-worth to be created. 


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