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45 minute online tarot reading with Jodene

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Jodene guides you through your current unconscious energy and provides you with pointers on how to shift your mindset to create opportunities for fulfilment, happiness, or success. 

She uses the cards to guide you in decisions and to see what your subconscious mind is trying to get to you to see and understand. This may highlight some useful aspects that you are not aware of, which become useful to bring into your conscious mind. 

Jodene has used tarot for over 20 years to guide people through present moments, from a soul perspective. 

A recording of the session and an image of your tarot spread will be shared with you afterwards. 

Note: Jodene does NOT read fortunes / predict your future. This reading is a personal development tool to provide you with insight and awareness of your current energy and how it may impact your immediate future. 

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Past Lives Tarot Reading
Unlock the mysteries of your past lives for the benefit of your personal growth.
Jodene delves into four significant lifetimes that your subconscious is holding onto, providing valuable insights into your personal growth journey.

This is most beneficial alongside self-awareness coaching as it helps with insight into your current repeated patterns and traits, and why they are needed in this lifetime to break free from past limitations and embrace new growth opportunities.

Learn to Read Tarot
Learn tarot as a powerful tool for personal development with Jodene. Discover how to read the cards to gain insight into your subconscious and clarity about yourself or the person you're reading for.

Our school of thought and teachings are not about predicting the future. We guide you to use the cards as messengers to help you understand current themes of life and why the ego and soul are calling for deeper exploration, leading to self-awareness and personal growth. 

2 reviews for Tarot Reading

  1. Udi Angel

    This was a fascinating and thought-provoking session for me. Jodene patiently helped me understand the reading, which was accurate and also a bit scary. I was grateful for the recording she provided because there was so much to take in. To be honest, the reading was so powerful it took me a while to have the courage to listen to it again. If you have questions about where you are in life and what you need to face to make a change, a tarot reading with Jodene is what you need.

  2. Riana Sinden

    I had my first Tarot and Numerology reading with Jodene, it was very accurate. I have learnt so much from it and Jodene has provided me with some great tools to help me get through my day. She is fantastic in what she does. You can speak to Jodene from anywhere in the world and she also provides the recording and information afterwards, so that you can watch it again and reflect on it during the year. I will recommend Jodene to all my friends and family

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