Project Body comes at a price - project body week 10

21 August 2011

I've definitely felt more inspired to do something different.

It's been an interesting week with my back giving me serious trouble and having to put gym on hold. At the same time I've had very caring friends want to support me because we all know that it's not easy just changing a lifestyle.
I got the twitter handle of a woman who eats wheat, gluten, sugar free and it was suggested I follow her. I did, with the hope that she would make it sound easy to make the changes, but her tweets are filled with envy of what everyone is eating around her, and that's not exactly what I want to hear.

I got some great advice and decide that making the little changes from the suggestions was a great place to start. Most of it is replacing one thing for the healthier option, so I went on a little shopping adventure to take a look at the array of suggestions that were given to me. Well didn't that just make me depressed enough to want to eat a loaf of white bread. I would have tucked into the healthier wholesome bread, if it were not 7 times the price of the white.

Maybe I'm the last to realise, but no wonder we live on the white stuff ... the healthier option is actually?ridiculously?priced. Really? Does it really have to cost so much?

I'm not in a position to swap out a R10 packet of past for a R45 one and I'm certainly not in a position to replace a R40 packet of chicken with a R120 for 2?ostrich steaks. But I want to make the changes ... so there's gotto be a way without having to get radical and eat dried dates that should be coated in gold for their price?

Who is out there? Who knows how to keep it healthy and not get stuck in the health food trap of having to spend 3 times the price to just live project body?

It's official ... I'm looking for tips, options, recipes and alternatives ...

4 comments on “Project Body comes at a price - project body week 10”

  1. With 1,001 diets (or should that be eating plans? or lifestyles?) I don't think anyone has a single solution. For the most part I'd say that any diet that cuts anything out entirely simply won't work in the longrun.

    Should get a one on one with a specialist that can do blood analysis and then work on exactly what you need for a good balance. This generally leads to better moderation of those "bad" things 😉

    Or do what I did... pizza and beer. Hey, worked for me. 🙂
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    1. Lol ... I've watched you eat pizza and beer and make it work for you ... no fair!! But you are so right, I'm giving it a bit of time and then it might be time to consult the specialist! But NOT cutting any one thing out ... life's too short for that!

  2. Jo if you are a discovery vitality member you must get a pick n pay discovery viality shoppers card you get money back on the healthy purchases you make for example all the fruit and veg. It helps to make thehealthier choices!
    but yeh it does seem the healhty stuff is more expensive.

    1. Don't know about fruit and veg being expensive. I'm mostly veggie and think I spend more on pet food (I've got 4 - 3 cats, on big dog) each month than myself. Okay so they can be spoilt... but they are my kids 🙂
      My recent post Who You Are

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