Project me goes FM - project me day 747

18 January 2012

I can't remember when last I felt totally exhausted from excitement but at least I know that I'm not having a heart attack or going to pass out, even though that's the message my heart keeps sending my very noisy mind after today's events.

Actually, it's not just today's events but a build up that literally began the day Greggie and I got back to work. One exciting meeting after another. One person, with compatible ideas to accompany Lifeology, after another. One amazing opportunity after another.

No wonder my body is so tired that even typing is a blur and all my mind is churning in a dull begging voice is "sleep! sleep" sleep!" I think to night is going to make history for the earliest I've gone to be since I was in primary school, but then again I remember how excited I was in school and why the end of the day couldn't come soon enough to go to sleep.

That's today ... one of those days where life was a fun-filled playground that I tired myself running from one activity to the next. There's always the last swing ride, where you almost touch the sky or the last spin on the merry-go-round where you feel as though you are going to fall off the world ... and then you know your day is complete.

That moment for me was a meeting Greggie and I had with Angela Ludek from Radio 2000. I am already honoured ?to have a regular 5 week slot on her show where I talk about social media, but today's proposal from Angela left me so excited that I had to run to the bathroom and do air punches, jump up and down and scream silently into my hands.

I am so grateful to every celeb, entertainer, business person and blogger who has taken the time to do the 'your project me story' on my blog. It's one thing to hear my story, but to have people that we admire take the time to share how they have made themselves their own project has taken my blog to a new level. ?Here is the link to the people I have interviewed so far: Your project me story interviews.

Trying to contain my excitement and extending the greatest thanks to Angela for believing in project me so much, I'm thrilled to announced that 'project me' now has a weekly radio 2000 slot with Angela Ludek starting from Sunday 5th February. Angela will interview the individuals I have interviewed as an extension of the blog and ask them to tell their project me story based on the blog's interview questions.


I'm sure the happy bathroom dance won't be the first but there's work to be done, guest blogger's stories to share and a new chapter of project me to embark upon ... and it all starts with a good night's sleep and a prayer that if starts with thanks and gratitude, and end with a self hug.

4 comments on “Project me goes FM - project me day 747”

    1. Thanks so much. We will be making all final plans this week and I'll keep you posted. It would be great to have a catch up and I hope all is going super well with you!

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