Project me grows up and gets a Facebook page

10 January 2013
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Very few people in this world are in a true position of genuine happiness but everyone wishes for it and some are determined to do what it takes to find it.

Project Me is for those people that are ready to make the changes necessary to improve the quality of their lives and achieve their perception of happiness. Some of us want to make more money, some may want to own their own home, others to get fit and healthy, overcome an addiction or get a better job. Whenever we tell ourselves the truth about where we are in our lives, but know we have the ability to create a happier, healthier reality for ourselves, we unconsciously make ourselves our own project.

Change is never easy... but if you have joined this group it means that part of you is ready to do something GREAT. Part of you WANTS that change. Part of you NEEDS that change. Now all you have to do is MAKE that change happen by challenging yourself.

If you dare challenge yourself to look out into the world for someone to inspire, motivate or encourage you, then you never know the opportunity that lies in the friends you could make, support you could receive or people who your inspire by your story.

540961_542930405719160_1598128090_nAcross the world, Jodene Shaer (that's me) ?in South Africa and Tom Siegrist in the USA were both living and sharing our Project Me story. And so the journey of finding others around the world began with one small step ? A Project Me fan page.

There are no leaders or followers in this Project. Project Me is for people that are ready to show others that change?REAL CHANGE?is possible. Everyone?EVERYONE involved in this is WORKING towards something. We are ready to ACTIVELY AFFECT our own lives.

By coming here you have already ignited a spark and we encourage you to share your current project by either posting videos of your challenges, like Tom loves to do, or blogging your journey as Jodene does. Post a status on who you are and what you are striving for, working on or dreaming of.

Share it, live it and turn your project into the best ME you can be.

It?s out there?waiting for you. GO GET IT.

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