Project me is no walk in the park - project me day 244

2 September 2010

The past few days have been the official pinnacle of frustration along my fun journey that started 244 days ago. It's all good and well to be conscious about life and look at every situation until you find the good and the fun it but when pain is involved it's a totally different mindset.

Jeez pain does funny things to the mind. I'm giving it till tomorrow and then I'm going to have to take another course of action. Honestly, the only thing that is bugging me is that I'm going to run out of my medical allowance, which should be the least of my worries. That attitude isn't 'project me' at all. I'm trying to swing it around, but I can't lie that I'm in not harping on it a bit much. The positive side is that I'm doing it anyway.

The chiro told me to try getting some movement in my joints today so I went to the gym and had the treadmill on 3km ... I managed 7 minutes. I'm not going to huff and puff ... I'm going to give a woo hoo and shout for joy that I got to see the inside of the gym and got to do exercise. That's got to count for something because there's another thing I forgot to mention. The coughing spells from the stress induced asthma have been adding to the stress on my back. So now I'm really needing to tap into the whole purpose of 'project me'.

It's about doing what I can and being proud of myself. It's about knowing that I am in control of all the writing projects I have and that I know I don't have the frustration of anyone hounding me for work. It's about knowing how quickly I can write something and that I am doing everything to heal my back so I can focus. It's about patience, tolerance and relying on my self worth like never before.

I need to do some patting on my own back because self sabotage is the easiest thing to do when pain is all around.
I haven't mentioned the children's website in ages because it's taken so long that I'm trying not to lose the love I have for the project but Greggie and I chatted and we've decided to let others take a look at it for the first time ever. That's exciting, isn't it?

I have the outline of the sexpo speech set out and have already started adding content. I had a great day reading some interesting sites and was thrilled at how it was all confirming my knowledge. I keep thinking I know nothing and turn to others for their knowledge, but I'm getting how fruitless that is ... and well done me.

I have already got a bold idea for a newstime article?and another one planned for she's the geek. On that note, I would like to thank everyone for the incredible support for SA blog awards. I didn't get the nod, but she's the geek did and I'm thrilled. I would love you to vote for this great site that empowers women through technology.

While lying on the couch I can't complain about the things that are ticking on around me.
Gossip Guy posted the interview he did with me and I am so excited to have been considered a celeb for a moment int time.
Greggie also had an exciting day with his first Newstime article and confirmation that he's got his first corporate talk for The Foundation ... ok, I couldn't jump up and down with my cranky back but I'm so freaking excited.

The most 'project me' that I'm being is still managing to have fun through all this chaos. I also know I caused it all by myself and that there are abundant gifts I am awaiting to discover for myself. I nearly cancelled my birthday party but did the invite today. I did cancel some appointments so I'm not running around and I have done every stretch the chiro has instructed me to do, all while eating healthy and still thinking I'm smart and sexy! Not bad for a girl who squished her vertebra from sitting on my butt too long 😉

10 comments on “Project me is no walk in the park - project me day 244”

  1. There's never a good reason to cancel a party! Heck a friend and I threw a surprise party for her boyfriend years ago. Poor guy got the measles two days before hand... we decided we would just go on with the show. Great party and despite him being sick one of the more memorable birthday's he'd had. Everyone just took turns visiting him in bed. 🙂

    7 minutes is more than I've seen in 2 years 😉 YAY YOU!!
    My recent post Relax

    1. You are so right, never ever a reason to cancel a party! Two years ago i made myself go through with a very much downscaled celebration just after my dad passed away ... but a part none the less. He would have expected nothing less.

      Yay ... a whole 7 minutes 😉

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