Project Me welcomes Karisa Wellness Spa as an official partner

7 June 2011

Before my big adventures in the online world, I used to be in the spa industry. I actually started off teaching at my mom's beauty school that was then rephrased into a health and skin care training academy. I was?engulfed?in the industry for years and eventually ended up owning a wellness spa as well as a recruitment agency for the industry. Oh, I also worked for an?international?cruise line company.
No, I'm not boasting ... I'm trying to make a very valid statement!

So having had been in the industry after swearing at my boss (in my secretarial days) and my mother taking me under her wing and teaching me the rope in the beauty world, I can safely say that I have had more pedicures, manicures and massages from a variety of people than most can imagine.

For years it has been this issue of the shoemakers daughter and I never really had treatments just to relax. They were always to test someone's skill or train someone up. Things are very different now that I am completely out of the industry and besides the odd treatment that I get to snatch when my mom is interviewing someone for a cruise line position, I don't ever get any kind of treatment in.

I have been trying to get a salon or spa on board for this 'project me' journey and all of a sudden I was thrilled that I hadn't heard back from anyone because if I had missed the opportunity to share my journey with Khanyi and her business, I would truly be missing something special.

Of course we met at a networking event, because that seems to be the way I am meeting everyone of late. Maybe I'll meet my husband there, but let's not get distracted.
'Project body' is about to get underway and I already have some incredible partners involved already, but there was something that I needed in order to truly prove my point about putting yourself and your body first. I am a firm believer that if you don't do the little things like take care of your feet or put body lotion on your body, that it reflects your level of self worth. I can always see what is going on in my head space just by looking at the state of my toes. With that in mind, I was determined to find a salon or spa to join in the 'project body' venture.

Khanyi and I connected in an instant and it was so refreshing to hear someone have the passion for the spa industry that I thrilled me for many years. Within moments we could see a collaboration and I see many more great ventures between Lifeology and Karisa Wellness Spa.

At home with Khanyisile Hlatshway, the co-owner of Karisa Wellness Spa

Khanyi has a team of traveling therapists who arrive at you home or your office and set up the perfect space for you to work. In my years I have had many treatments at home, but non where someone literally turns a space into a spa. Wow!
So often I watch adverts and know that people where meant to say that and I hate ever trying to sound like a stereotypical ad, but this has to be done because I don't know how else to express it besides being gushy!

Of the countless treatments I have had since 1992 and all the therapists who have passed my way, I have never been more impressed by the manicure and pedicures that Khanyi gave me. I could see my mom watching out the corner of her eye and wondering if she could grab her for the ships because the combination of perfect client care, passion for the industry and a masterful treatment is truly rare in the industry today.

There is something about making time for myself that kick-starts the whole overhaul of my wellbeing and the easiest way to sabotage is by not making time to groom myself. One of the 'project me' messages that I want to share with as many people as possible is that there is always a way to make something happen if it means that much to you. Therefore I commend myself on the manifestation of Karisa Spa coming to me and making it happen in my own home. I also commend Khanyi for having a dream, taking risks and making it happen. It is an honour to partner with such an inspirational woman.

Note to self: I really need to understand just how little time I give myself to relax. It became blazingly obvious when my hands were smothered in a gorgeous, soothing mask and then covered with mittens so I could chill out and relax. For anyone else that sounds delicious, but I did find myself counting the seconds because my damn tough screen Blackberry didn't take to my attempting to tap at it with mani mittens on. Yes ... Khanyi has her work cut out for her and I could see her head working overtime with the challenge to get me to take a few hours and just check out for a while ... I'm up for it hun, because I know that 'project me' is missing the ME part if I don't!

Welcome aboard and thank you for supporting my special project.

Follow Khanyi on Twitter or contact her for more information on Karisa Wellness Spa, her mobile business that travels to your home and office: 0735735431.

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    1. Yippee, we can now have girlie parties at home with our toes being painted and all .... that ... jazz!!

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