Project Me welcomes La Vie en Rose as an official partner -project me day 576

4 August 2011

Welcome to my home away from home!

Before I even begin I want to praise the power of social networking. Years after having taught Hustler Girl, we reconnected on Facebook. If it were not for that and Hustler Girl being roped into social buying, the events might not have led up to this very special partnership. In my world, most of my relationships have all begun on one social platform or the next. I don't think I've mentioned that Mr?Unexpected?and myself met online?initially.

In celebration of one networking meeting leading to another, I'm thrilled to announce this very special partnership. You've heard me mention La Vie en Rose on many?occasion. When I initially met the owners, Rony and Yanky and was blown away by this gorgeous restaurant tucked away in the heart of Illovo. When I had my first real 'date' with Mr Unexpected after we realised that when friends move onto something more special ... they might forget that the initial dating bits are fun. Or maybe it was when I hosted my first Jodene's breakfast and shared this special find with my Twitter friends. It could also be when I totally kicked Hustler Girl right off that mayorship spot on foursquare ... either way, it's been the only place I have wanted to take my friends, family and clients for breakfasts and lunch meetings.

Oh ... let's not forget that the co-owner, Rony, is Libran!

In a very short space of time I have watched the mutual support for each other's dreams blossom into a friendship where we both want what's best for each other. We both see the value in the other's offering and we both don't want to look much further for online and offline support and partnership.

Rony, you and your team have been fundamental in being a part of some of the most?important?moments of my personal life and career and I am thrilled that you believe in Lifeology and me to offer your 'home' as my 'home'.

So peeps ... If you wanna chat, meet or tweetup, you know where to find me.

PS ... Hustler Girl, I owe you a lunch kiddo, because you might not be mayor, but you have always been the greatest fan of La Vie en Rose.

2 comments on “Project Me welcomes La Vie en Rose as an official partner -project me day 576”

    1. Thank you so much for the intro to such a special place and even more awesome to spend time with you there and have our special lunches!

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