Project me welcomes RegimA as a sponsor - project me day 270

29 September 2010

This sponsorship could not have come at a better time and with more gratitude than when I am feeling the way I am right now. I can't believe what all the medication has done to my skin and it was frustrating to begin with. There are not enough words of gratitude to this incredible product for jumping on-board and taking care of all my skin care and body care needs.

The medication is a total shock to my system and I have dry patches all over my body. I've done so much crying from pain and frustration and it's Sexpo tomorrow. I can't believe that I am actually able to get up, get dressed and look like something ... and the product has?definitely?played a huge factor. It sounds so marketing pitch but you know how 'project me' is all about making sure I do everything in my highest esteem and with all the consciousness I have.

I can't believe I'm sitting up in bed and actually blogging with some gusto. I can't believe that I actually feel I will have my first good night's sleep in weeks and I certainly can't believe that I am going to actually make it to Sexpo. I was convinced I would have to cancel ... don't get me wrong, I'm?scared. I'm shitting myself for the whole experience as it is. Standing up in front of a crowd of strangers at the biggest sex event in South Africa and talking about the power of?masturbation?and the the benefits of orgasm. Well ... it does help you skin, but I'll still stick to RegimA as the product of choice ... tee hee!!!

Tomorrow I will get my other super sponsor, Website Marketing, to add the RegimA logo and make it totally official, but in the meantime I'm just thrilled that 'project me' is still alive ... no wait, I'm thrilled that I'm alive!!!!!

One step at a time and I could never have done it without the power of my choices, my incredible friends (and I have to mention Hustler Girl, Greggie, Sportsy and my precious friend so far away from me - Pandora). I also have to say a special thank you to my blogging family, Robbie, Nikki, Anto and Ms.Girl and to my Twitter family including my Panda, FunGeezer and the rest of my tweet friends for your messages and keeping me going. To my fellow writer, Darrell Cuthbert who has silently been there the whole time even though we haven't spoken as we do daily.
Thank you to the NewsTime team for your wishes and your patience while I haven't been able to write ... holy shit, this sounds like a Sally Fields acceptance speech, but that's a good sign because the sparking personality seems to be emerging and I'm healthy enough to Tag and Link ... woo hoo!!!

PS ... In the next few days I will be posting the stunning birthday pics and have to thank my dearest Irvin for such a beautiful job of making me, my friends and my family look so damn stunning 😉

Um ... she's coming back ... woo hoo baby!

PS ... Sexpo talks will be Thursday to Saturday at 10pm and Sunday at 8pm!! You know that this is one of the biggest career breaks ever ... like ever and I have to be Sally Fields again and thank Greggie and my precious mother for pulling me through and getting me to the point where I am brave enough and strong enough to know I can do this ...

17 comments on “Project me welcomes RegimA as a sponsor - project me day 270”

  1. So glad you are feeling more yourself and definately sounding more yourself too!

    Looking so forward to your sexpo debut tomorrow night! Sweet dreams.

  2. Right about now the mic will slowly disappear into the floor 😀

    So often you end up taking medication for one thing, then having to take something to avoid the side effects of it and it all ends up snowballing from there. But, great to hear that it's all starting to come right!

    😀 Isn't that what friends are for?

    Whooo Hoooo indeed!
    My recent post All I Need

    1. Yes ... that's what friends are for!!!

      I can't wait for a detox from these meds .. I hope you have some fun remedies 😉

    1. Hmm Greg, the broken leg in the context of sexpo does sound a bit strange, in a dangerous kinky sort of way. Some keywords there: sexpo, broken, leg & satisfied all on one post wow!

    2. You know that if I get started about how much I damn well love this partnership and friendship it's gonna get all soppy and annoying ... we know how that goes!

      Yes ... I know you told me I'd be fine, but what am I without a touch of drama 😉

  3. Glad to hear you slowly getting better Jo. Missed chatting to you but like I said to you before, your priority is getting better - everything else has to be secondary until then.

    1. I'm feeling better each day and get a sneaky feeling that I'll be chewing your cyber ear off soon enough ... no pun intended!!!!

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