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6 August 2018
Rekindling Project Me Vegan Style

I can't believe that I haven't blogged for a year, but I also totally understand why. I want to talk change for one moment and explain how I have figure out I do it. I come from a place of uncertainty first and instead of embracing what I believe will be good for me, I […]

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10 September 2017
The Footprint of Resistance

It started as a potentially peaceful Sunday, even thought I knew I had to deal with a few work things. Being the passionate business woman I am, I don't mind weekend interactions, but I do mind when it tramples over my energetic space because people do not know what their footprints of resistance do. Amazingly, […]

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1 February 2017
Project Me Vlog: Day 32 - A Night at Tsogo Sun 40 mins from Home
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24 January 2017
Project Me Vlog Day 24 - The Happiness of F.A.I.T.H

Today I braved vlogging out in public, which did make me happy. I do believe in the power of doing one thing each day that scares you. It doesn't have to be massive, so putting my fears aside of the whole world watching me while I vlog, was small enough to tackle for this day. […]

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17 January 2017
The Positive of Morning Breath - Project Me Vlog: Day 16
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14 January 2017
Project Me Vlog Day 14 - Go Slow
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9 January 2017
Project Me Vlog Day 9 - The true driving force behind Me

On the note of fears, not being to post this comment at the top of my blog totally stressed me out, but here it is. Today I talk about the emotion that drives me the most and it not a calm and fun one.

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7 January 2017
Project Me Vlog Day 7 - Help me pick the eBook to write for you

On this rainy Saturday I promised myself some contemplating of writing and I'm deciding on which one to work on in my One Step Guide series. I have completed The One Step Guide to Financial Freedom, which will be available once my book, The Holistic Entrepreneur goes live on Amazon. So you have some work […]

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6 January 2017
Project Me Vlog Day 6 - A planetary moment that will never happen in our lifetime again

On this Project Me day, where the planets are about to align for a rarest formation in our lifetime, it's a very positive opportunity to imagine the life you want. I share my plans for myself and help you figure a few ways to make the most of this rare astrological time.

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5 January 2017
Project Me Vlog Day 5 - SamSpiration with Samantha Cowen

Today I have my first guest on my Project Me vlog. My dear friend Samantha Cowen, who I love having our traditional breakfast with and I call my time with Sam my SamSpiration ... take a little as to why!

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