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20 August 2014
Let go, toughen up, get a life - project me post 1030

I have about 25 unattended emails, have just negotiated sleep time rules with my twin nephews & can still hear pottering around the room, boiled the kettle twice and haven't hugged my cats yet ... but everything has been getting in the way of my blogging. Actually everything has been getting in the way of […]

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15 August 2014
Molding into the space I'm in - Project Me post 1029

In some respects, I'm brave and bold. In others I'm a timid little girl who would rather camp out a crossroad and wait it out until someone takes my hand and guides me in the right direction. After two incredible holidays in the past month, one to the Netherlands and one to the KZN coast, […]

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31 July 2014
It's cool to be a Twit in Joburg - project me post 1028

I got shouted at (with special care) from my friend, @The_Gossip_Guy for not bragging enough. He also gave me a little glare and then empathised (I think) when he saw that I genuinely don't think about blogging the little moments. Oh wait, maybe it's not such a little moment ... and that's a big lesson […]

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30 July 2014
Have the courage to step away - project me post 1027

It's a crisp morning in a sleepy town on the coast of Kwazulu Natal. I'm on a very special holiday with my 3 dearest friends and while they sleep, I finally have time to catch up on the lessons I have learned from the adventures of the past few weeks. I have some amazing pictures […]

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15 July 2014
A magical trip to the Netherlands - Project Me post 1026

You know that nagging feeling that you have just forgotten to do something ... or mention something. Sometimes it's a small that didn't really make a difference, but other times it's pretty huge ... Like I leave for the Netherlands on tomorrow. Minor detail! Major excitement! Greggie has a dear friend, Eddie, who I took […]

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