Project Nomad: Why the Moon Made Me Do It

4 July 2022

Just like that, it is one week and I'm leaving for Project Nomad. Wow, this is such a big thing for me. In my sharing of this adventure, I’m so grateful that you are supporting me because I need all the safety nets I can get. There is a reason why this first trip is loaded with safety around me.  

I'm travelling to friends every step along the way. This is the longest time I have been away from family. The keyword is family! If you have followed me for a while, you know I have a special bond with them and throughout my life, I have stepped in, heart and soul to commit and be with them. In every moment, it has been my joy. Slowly I started to realise that all the stepping in and stepping up, being available has been a nice crutch for me to not do the braver things in life.

I speak often about the Lunar South and North Nodes of the Moon and when I coach it is fundamental to helping my clients understand what emotional healing work needs to be done.  If I do this for others, I have to do this for myself, and my Moon Nodes are such an important part of the reason why I am pushing myself into the world. With gentleness … of course!

Moving bodies in the sky have their own orbit. The Moon’s orbits have a North and South point, known as the Lunar Nodes. If you look on your birth chart at the exact time of your birth, the Moon Nodes will be opposite each other. They look like little headphones. One looks upside down (Lunar South Node) and the other the right way up (Lunar North Node).

The Lunar South Node indicates what you need to brave emotionally letting go off. While you are younger, things will have happened that set the stage for the emotional work you need to do when you are older.

Your Lunar North Node indicates what you need to be emotionally brave when you are older. It is also important to look at the houses they are in, to see the areas of life where the emotional work is.

My Lunar South Node is in the third house in Cancer and my Lunar North Node is in the ninth house in Capricorn. The significance is vital because, since I started blogging and sharing about #ProjectMe twelve years ago, I have always said that I am brave enough to go first and do the transformational work. I pride myself in being the guide who uses the tools I gift my clients with. That means I also have to go through the profound realisations that can’t be ignored. I also have to do things that shake my foundation and test my traits.

What does this have to do with Project Nomad?

It’s all about where the Moon’s Nodes are in my birth chart.

The South Node of emotional letting go is in Cancer, which is very homely and sensitive. When there are emotional wounds it’s safe to stay within our shell to protect those wounds, and the place where I have stayed has been to protect the wounds of everybody around me. Home, for me, has been a very safe place but it is sitting in my third house, which is the place of communication, expression, and curiosity.

Despite all the bravery in expressing who I am, especially if you have followed me for a long time when I was sharing #ProjectMe.

It is important to interject that the Lunar South Node is the place where you can be emotionally lazy and where we can trick ourselves that we are doing big, bold and brave things. I’m a master at that!

In comes Project Nomad, which is such a big part of healing the emotional wounds. This isn’t a last minute or spur of the moment decision. It’s not even something sparked by Covid. If you ask my friends and family, they will tell you I have exhausted all of them by saying, “I have gotta do this! I have to give this a try!”

I don’t believe we are a mystery and if you are guided to understand your astrological birth chart, the answers to using the best parts of your traits is in there.

For me, the work has been to see that I have expressed myself beautifully, as a daughter, aunt and as a sibling. Cancer energy in the third house loves to express themselves by caring for others – even if they don’t ask for it. That was the first emotional realization – no one asked me to put this nomad dream on hold. When I say that it’s now my time, it is laced with so much love and commitment that I shared with my family. However, I know too much about the emotional work I need to do, that I have backed myself into this brave trip because it’s literally a journey my soul set out to do from my moment of birth.

Yep, the Moon is making me do it … well, her Nodes are.

Opposite the homeliness of Cancer is Capricorn with the tugging of my soul to remember that there are mountains to climb (not literally … I’m more of a walker than a climber) and for deeper levels of enlightenment. That’s what the 9th house sets up for us. A need to go ask ourselves what brings us enlightenment.

This placement makes it clear that a new level of enlightenment and spiritual growth can only come when I’m out of the comfort of taking care of those closest to me (even though they didn’t ask) and I head into the world.

This hasn’t come easy and I have stalled for years. Always staying in that Cancer, eternal nurturer space.  

Booking my tickets for this trip, I needed to push myself emotionally. It took me a few days to decide to go for so long. Yep, the nurturer and 3 months away from those I nurture the most – petrifying.

On the other side, Capricorn’s calling for me to brave the unknown and climb whatever mountains mean to me. Everyone is telling me how brave I am – and I am being brave.

What I want to share is that I am far from emotionally brave. It shows in this first nomad trip.

Yes, I’m bravely leaving my aunty duties behind, but I’m still very much doing it in Lunar South Node, because I’m going from my home to others’ homes.

My emotional Capricorn bravery comes with Cancer insecurities and I’m so grateful for my friends along the way, who are making this trip so safe for me. I fly to the Netherlands and I’m fetched by my dear friend, Ed. We then head to London together and I'm with my bestie and my business partner, Greg. Then I spend a beautiful amount of time in Bournemouth with my dear precious favourite travelling friend for sure Claire. When I head back to the Netherlands, my home is Ed’s home.

This working and living as I explore the world has been nagging me for years, but I’m also going to have to dig deep into the reminder of my self-worth and the traits that are going to anchor me and make me stay strong and brave while I decide if I really want to do this, or if I’m listening to the Nodes of the Moon and there is something completely different in the emotional braving.

This is why I project nomad is literally one step at a time. One brave, emotional step that my soul is tugging, like the pull of the Moon on the ocean.

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Happy Everything ...

Jodene Shaer - Personal Transformation Coach

4 comments on “Project Nomad: Why the Moon Made Me Do It”

  1. How beautiful is it that the original nomads used the moon and stars to guide their physical and spiritual journeys and now you get to as well.
    I will miss you loads but we will look at the moon from opposite sides of the world and talk all the time.

    1. That is so beautiful, thank you for the reminder and all your love and support through this. x

  2. Love this Jodene. Thanks for explaining the lunar nodes so well. At some point, I'd love for you to go through these in my birth chart. We touched on it the last time we chatted but I didn't really understand. It's more clear for me now and now I want to understand.

    1. It's my pleasure and I'm very excited to see your curiosity to explore further. I'm so ready when you are 🙂

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