Project Me turns Four - Project Me post 995

1 January 2014
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Sipping on bubbles after two bowls of ice cream is not the wisest idea, but there's something so carefree about mixing the grown-up of champagne with the childishness of ice cream filled with chocolates and crushed biscuits to celebrate such an incredible milestone in my life.

I can't believe Project Me is 4 years old. The discipline of blogging for so long is one thing, but reminiscing on blogging during times of real struggle, personal heartache, disappointment, fear and failure is by far the driving force behind my ecstatic pride and reason to celebrate.

2013 was a slow year of blogging, mainly because of the trying year that is was. Finding the time and emotional strength seemed more challenging than ever before and I thank all of you for sticking by me during the slow patches and silent times.

A big thanks to my big sis for the ice cream, bubbles and acknowledgement of my proud moment

A big thanks to my big sis for the ice cream, bubbles and acknowledgement of my proud moment#

I'm officially 5 blog posts away from 1000 and I've also taken my time to stretch that out a little and truly celebrate that big achievement with an event. Any reason to gather the people I love around me and celebrate.

More than anything, this is far more than the number of blogs I have done or the years that I have committed to sharing my story with the world. This is the acknowledgement of the daily promise I made to myself, to make myself my own project and live each day with courage, consciousness and a sense of humour. It's the reminder that I went out to live with purpose and truly understand that goals ever changing, but purpose remains the same.

Tonight is new moon, the first day of a new year and the start of another chapter in Project Me. I've been thinking a lot about what I want to lie ahead for me in 2014 and I've thought back on all the achieved and all that I fell short of achieving in the past year. Then, one rainy Saturday I was chatting to a friend, who lives consciously and with such awareness. After chatting for a while, it hit me. Project me has been so much about me and my relationships with everything and everyone else. Vital relationships, of course and some that I have really worked hard at. I've worked on my relationship with money, career, family, friends ... and I've grown so much with those. However ... it's the relationship with ME that is waiting to be discovered and developed in this 4th year of living my Project Me story.

I've been anxious and had butterflies for most of the day. It's like that back to school feeling and I know that the lesson are all very personal and much needed. Tonight I lay under new moon sky and let the Universe chat to me. The message was loud and clear. There's no more to change. There's nothing more to reveal. There's no need to try figure myself out. I've done that ... and if I haven't the lessons are not in the thinking but in the being.

ME ... it's all about me. Tonight, I have very little clue what that means. So I've started a diary and at the end of each night I am going to write down at least 2 things I did for myself in a day and 2 things I discovered about myself. That's all I know for now ...

One comment on “Project Me turns Four - Project Me post 995”

  1. Happy New Year! Yes indeed, sometime we do tend to intellectualise things too much. I love that you say, it may not be in the thinking but in the being. You have done an immense amount of work on yourself, perhaps its time to surrender, let go and just be. Have fun! Warm hugs 🙂

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