#ProjectMe has a well deserved makeover

3 July 2013
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Some things should never change, like sipping on tea for the past 3 and a half years while blogging. Other things should change, grow and morph into something bigger (not physically) and better.

So I'm sipping on the usual tea, with a huge big difference. A totally revamped blog site. I've been wanting this for ages and even battled to truly enjoy the process because who the blog was didn't reflect my #projectme journey and who I am today.
I remember being that chubby girl with glasses and braces and thinking that words like pretty and sexy wouldn't ever be a part of my world. Slowly, as I worked more on my life and my becoming my own project, so I could feel the change in attitude, outlook and eventually appearance. My blog started with a flower because I wasn't confident enough to put an image up of myself. It them morphed into half an image of me, because I felt half better about myself and finally got stuck on a picture of a woman who was fast blossoming into some happy and sexy!

With a very big thank you to @GlynnRyan for being patient and without expectation. Glynn thank you for turning my blog into the bright pink bubble of happiness that it now it and for bringing the theme to life, while helping me sort out all the technicalities that is a wordpress blog.

To the international guys from Gorilla Themes. Thanks for such a sexy theme and for being so generous in upgrading my package and supporting the process.

To my amazing readers, friends and followers who have kept me blogging for nearly 4 years ... your belief in me and my #projectme journey has kept every post alive and helped me stay focused when I couldn't believe in myself.

I'm excited to blog more passionately again and can feel the shift with the ever growing excitement as I get closer to turning 40 and my 1000th post ... maybe I should make the two events collide.

Well, while I ponder on that, it's perfect timing for the new image as I go through a money makeover that started this week with @fairygodmother and is a 12 weeks #moneymagic online course. Watch the video in the top right corner (which I uploaded myself, I might add) and meet me here once a week to share in a very important relationship on my #projectme journey. The rest of the time, you know me ... I'm going to still be sipping on my tea and blogging about life and all the moments in between.

One comment on “#ProjectMe has a well deserved makeover”

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