Purple Hair! Don't Care!

29 June 2015
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Jodene TanazWhen I was in high school, I nearly got my ass kicked out. Well, I did get booted home before the first lesson even began and was told not to return until I had changed my hair colour away from bright purple. Anything would be allowed, as long as it was natural brown, black or blonde.

I hated school before then, but not being able to have my purple hair made me hate school so much, that I worked my butt off to pass and not stay one second longer.

I've had a rainbow of colours since then and even went a pretty shade of pink about a decade ago.
My hair and myself went through a few bad years though and I didn't do much to it at all. When my esteem was shot, I would trim it about once a year and use some box colour, that was cheapest, so if the colour I used the last time wasn't on sale, I would grab the one that was.

Shocking ... my sister is a hairstylist. Not just any, but a brilliant one.

It took a really crappy breakup and a tough look at myself to realise that not taking care of hair is a form of self sabotage, just like anything else we ignore in our lives. If everything is a mirror reflecting back on us, then I want to have gorgeous hair reflecting back at me.

I've been a proud hair person for nearly three years now. Yes, it's directly linked to my breakup. I'm now the girl who styles it every day and at the very least, sprays on dry shampoo, wets and blows the fringe and fakes a good hair day.

There's a lot going on at the moment and winter has taken it's toll. I've struggled to eat healthy and gym is a non event, except for when my bestie, Jo, and I go walking on a Sunday morning.

This morning I woke up and I couldn't for the dull her, winter blues and cold excuses.

I'm super grateful to my sister's salon, Tanaz Hair Body Nails, who has supported my Project Me journey for almost as long as the blog has been going. I am Libra, totally indecisive and always have a Google image of hair that they can't create, because it's usually far too out of reach for what I have on my head, but they make magic every time!

This time, Purple!

purple hair project me

It was a brave first step, because I wasn't bold enough to lift the colour first, but I get the feeling that in a month (or less), there's going to be some boldness going on.

Watch this space ...

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