Questions you would ask a friend - project me day 622

17 September 2011
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It's amazing that you can google anything under the sun and an answer will come up. I'm having an exhausted day and literally dragged myself to watch the rugby this morning I tried to be as perky as possible. My friends saw right through me.
It made me grouchy and completely ... oh, the emotions are a long blog if you know my style of escape you know it's either a country song or a googled set of random questions that set me straight.

I haven't done the questions in ages, so I googled it: questions you would ask a friend:

How old would you be if you didn?t know how old you are?
I would be in my early 30?s thinking that 40 was so old and so far away

Have you ever been fired?
No, but I swore at my boss a year after I finished college, resigned the next day and have been my own boss ever since.

What is something you regret?
I know the standard answer is supposed to be that I have no regrets, but that would be a lie. I have one ? I loved someone and never told him ? he died not knowing that!

How often do you go over the speed limit?
This nerd never goes over the speed limit!

Were you considered popular in high school? Why or why not?
Hell no! I was the nerd with glasses, braces and pimples

When, if ever, do you think it is okay to tell a lie?
Never! It?s been an interesting journey choosing to live in my truth but worth it once you?ve learned that people don?t like the truth and you adjust to friends leaving and family not smiling at you all the time.

Do you dance like crazy, when no one is looking?
I dance like crazy when everyone is looking.

What do you sing in the shower?
I?m a hummer more than a singer ? I hope you dance by Lee Ann Womack

When is the last time you cried?
Last week Friday when my man gave m flowers. He always says flowers die and swore he?d never buy 😉

Do you like baths or showers?
This house has a yuk bath, but when it?s a nice one I?m there in a flash! So it?s shower for now!

When you were younger, did you ever drink too much and get sick?
Again ? total nerd! I think I?ve been drunk twice in my life

Did you ever run away from home? Why/ why not?
When I moved out of home at 24 you would have sworn I was running away the way my dad cried ? otherwise I had no reason to

What did you get in trouble for, when you were a kid?
I smoked my dad?s cigarette once and my mom gave me a whack with the hairbrush. I still went on to smoke (behind their backs) for years and years and ?

Did you ever have a teacher who picked on you?
Oh yes! Mrs Feldman and she really didn?t like me. It might be because she caught me copying someone?s homework before class once.

What was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?
A boy pulled down my panties on the playground in primary school once. I cried so much he had to sit in the principal?s office for a week.

What really gives you the creeps?
Those CSI scenes where they go inside the body ? eeeewww!

Did you have a nickname in middle school or high school?
More a family one ? Dinki! My one sis still calls me that

What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?
Barbie and use to have her house with a pool and convertible and I would imagine being that small and living in that perfect house.

If you have to choose a movie title for your life story, what would that be?


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