R & R on demand - project me day 395

30 January 2011

It has been a very exciting week with so many reasons to be proud of me. Back to gym was the biggest of them.
It's been a challenging week too with having to deal with money conversations with people I value more than a currency.
It's been a bonding week where sibling rivalry and the power of truth has pulled my little sis and I together as the final days of to the wedding approach.
It has been a powerful week Lifeology and my blogs are changing direction and there is so much more clarity on what I want to do and how I want to do it.

That is why the last thing I expected, but the one thing I should have known happened in the middle of a shopping centre on a Sunny Saturday.
Out of the blue I just couldn't take one more step. I know the warning signs when enough is enough and my back is demanding that I rest.
I know I have chosen the longer route to heal my?sequestrated disk in my back, but I can't tell you the number of people who have warned me against the back op ... not that it's in my nature to jump to an op anyway.

Of course the tears welled up and I was a bundle of frustration and nerves by the time I finally got back home. It was also a busy day at the house with all the nephews and siblings running about. Ipod in the ears and pumped up with medicine, I rested for the day ... but today's the big one.

As much as my sister and I have bonded, discussed our differences and loved shopping together, I just can't do anything today. They are all off to see a play and my sis is abandoning my brother-in-law. I thought we would go for some lunch, but that won't be happening either. Not because I don't want to but because my body is shouting at me so loudly that I know not to risk it.
I have a flight to catch next week and a wedding the week after. I can't risk being too hard on myself. It's not easy because I thought I was done with the lying around to heal my back and trust me when I say there's a big difference between chilling pain free and resting full of pain.

So that's my Sunday ... how's yours?

3 comments on “R & R on demand - project me day 395”

    1. I'm taking it easy, I promise!!! It's too nice being kind to myself not to 😉
      Thanks for all the love and support always my friend!!!

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