Ready or not it's the year of the dragon - project me day 752

23 January 2012
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If you don't know my incredible love for dragons, then let me take a moment to introduce you to my world that has my cats named after all the characters from the dragon movie, Eragon. The there are the dragon ornaments that adorn my bathroom and bedroom and of course my very own portal crystal that dragons are believed to travel through. I have books and dragon friends and ... well, enough said, I think.

That's why there is a special excitement for this year's Chinese New Year that starts today.

I have to admit that if today's anything to go by then this Dragon energy is going to be pretty interesting for me (and I'm sure so many of you). I remember when I first got introduced to the energy of the dragon, my first warning was of a playful,?mischievous energy that tests the boundaries of people and in so, pushes them to the limits. That's so much of what we can expect of this year. A good old kick in the pants and our choice of what we are going to do with it. It's one of those years where things are going to either soar or tumble down, but either way, the passion of the dragon shows us the limitless potential to make anything happen.

That's what I want from this year and it's certainly what I got from the day. Not that it went without its complete downers that has me literally feeling that every nerve is frazzled with both excitement and?frustration.

Greggie and I are having such amazing business meetings, with plans that are beyond exciting. Wednesday is the first of many #FollowSA tweetups and on that night I also announced our first trip to Cape Town for the start of national events. Prizes are pouring in and so are business opportunities, but on the other end of the stick I'm finally feeling like a working woman who can't believe I have to get home (way after 5pm) and still blog, cook dinner, prepare lunch for Pat for work for tomorrow ... with a load of Tweets and emails still to follow.

I'm far from?complaining. Actually I think I just feel as though I've started a new gym routine and my body and mind have to settle in. We all know what that feels like and I certainly need to adjust to the new pace that my brain needs to operate, my words need to express my creativity and my heart needs to ensure I?maintain?the balance of the beautiful home I've created.

Just on a side, if you read my blog entitled What I learned from Trump and O'Donnell, that was written a few weeks back, you will see that I'm already dealing with so much of what the dragon years bring to someone born in the Chinese zodiac of the Ox. Yes, I'm the Ox and very proudly so ... well except for the part where I'm supposed to love to work in the garden. You see ... I saw an earthworm once ...

Here is how you find your Chinese zodiac and this is how you see what the year of the dragon has in store for you.

One comment on “Ready or not it's the year of the dragon - project me day 752”

  1. Year of the dragon. Everyone needs a Mushu, well at least those wishing to be the greatest warriors. Great guardian spirts are rare to find these days, usually you're just left with an incense burner. 😉

    I will be in high spirits it would seem. Well, if nothing else the spirits will get in me.

    But just another reason to keep on being awesome I suppose. 🙂
    My recent post Sweet Child of Mine

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