Recipe not included - project me day 473

18 April 2011

Today is a busy one so I seriously have to blog and be done by the time this first cup of tea is still hot. That's one hell of a challenge ... I usually only get my blogging cap on after about cup number 3.

I get the feeling this week is going to be an interesting one and I think that a lot of it has to do with the turn around from my attitude this weekend to the way I woke up feeling this morning.

The anticipation is always worse than the actual moment and waking up wasn't nearly as daunting as I thought it would be. It seems that this week I have to do some things differently. I can't pinpoint all of them and I am not ready to face some of them, but something is changing as fast as the weather. According to the Pagan energies that work with the changing of the seasons, we are now in a time of harvesting everything we need for a time that we go within ourselves and discover more of who we are to begin blossoming again in the summer. Whether we are aware of it or not, these times come and go in our lives.

I am aware of these times and like to best equip myself through the winter months of self reflection with things like Tigger slippers, warm jimmy jams, roasted tomato soup and chilli hot chocolate. It doesn't mean that this internal time has to be spent alone and I love nothing more than surprising friends with warm meals. I'm one of those people who loves cooking while everyone is gathered around. I never have a recipe in sight and am only now learning to allow others to give their taste input. Somewhere along the line I have chilled out in the kitchen ... and trust me, it's a major chill out. I used to only allow people to watch but would half throw them out if they interfered. Wait, I do recall a time when Greggie had to finish making his own breakfast because he told me when to stop grating the cheese. LOL ... ?I love reflecting back on how far this personality has come.

That was the joy of yesterday and the thing that pulled me through a day of frustration. It seemed that every corner I turned people were making their own choices (which they are entitled to) and then not appreciating the choice I made because of the choice they made. It truly is that simple ... you are free to choose to do anything, but then allow me to make a choice from the choice you made and don't expect me to do anything but what I want to do.

The more frustrated the greater my friends are treated. Hence the three course meal of soup, pasta and my secret chilli hot chocolate. Okay, so it's not so secret but holy moly is it delicious.

I know it all sounds a bit vague, but I really am figuring things out. It seems as though Cape Town won't be happening. sponsors are on my page of refining, friends choices are being assessed and so are men's.
On the other hand ... there is a very exciting meeting today. I had an unexpected exciting call last night and a very unexpected and potentially exciting email this morning.

Oh, and it's the Jewish festival of Passover tonight. I love the family time and Hustler Girl is coming to dinner with her Ponkie. I don't do any of the Matzos eating but I do love these moment where tradition brings everyone together. That's kind of like the next Pagan festival I have planned 😉

Okay ... tea is too cold to drink so it's time to start the day!

2 comments on “Recipe not included - project me day 473”

  1. hmmm... next Pagan festival should be towards the end of the month. I've been invited to something on the 30th... they just invite me 'cos they know I'll drink too much, do something silly and at least they can all claim to not have been as bad as me 🙂

    It's tough, but someone's gotta take one for the team.

    I've never believed in recipes because what's the point in having the same thing over and again. Guess I took that attitude from my mother when I started cooking when I was about 6 or 7. While I have no trouble putting a 3 course together for myself, there is always something rewarding when cooking for a small tribe. Guess that's why I do Christmas to the extent that I do.

    I don't think you can really apply a recipe to most things in life. Should really come with the label, "Serving suggestion, season to taste". 😀
    My recent post Ring of Fire

    1. Yay, you have been invited to Samhain! It's our time of year for Halloween ... so I'm sure you cracked the nod with that sparkling personality of yours.
      My mom also cooks like that and I don't think I ever saw my dad use a recipe book despite his passion for buying them 😉
      I do love that Robbie ... Serving suggestion, season to taste!

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