Relaunch Time for Your Project Me Story

3 July 2015
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Years ago, I launched Your Project Me Story, where I would interview people for my blog and share their story. I loved it, but I got busy and it sadly fell by the wayside. I totally believe in subtle messages from the universe. I also believe that when we are onto something, there's a little nudge from ... yes, again, The Universe.

In the process of revamping my blog, I decided to relaunch the interview section called Your Project Me Story, and just as I did that, I was asked to do two interview, by two awesome SA bloggers:

gordonattarddotcom image for project me@gijane_zn (on Twitter) and her interview, "Getting to know Jodene Shaer"

@SandyNeneSA (on Twitter) and his interview, "Blogger Of The Week: Jodene Shaer"


Of course, I believe in signs.

I actually call them the Universal kick in the butt.

It's been beyond refreshing to relaunch the blog, in stages, and to open it up to the opportunity to interview some of my favourite people, excites me beyond belief.

I'm kicking it off with three of my fave SA bloggers, @StellaLurvs, Jane and Sandy ... eeek, maybe I should let them know 🙂

Okay, I have to dash, I have an exciting section of my blog to bring back to life!!

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