Romance a-La Vie En Rose - project me day 554

11 July 2011

To say that life has been a whirlwind is a bit of an understatement and I'm not surprised that my relationship would follow in the footsteps of the rest of my life ... easy going yet totally chaotic.
Because there was none of that meeting a stranger and taking the steps to a relationship, I feel as though I missed a step between moving from a friendship to falling in love. This is to be expected from a hopeless romantic Libran. Not so much for a ?Scorpio (need I say more). Mr Unexpected seems very happy to have moved from friendship into a couple without any of the steps in between and so I find myself being much more girlie and wanting to create the first of everything. No one panic ... I'm not going to turn into an anniversary freak and celebrate every date and event. It wouldn't start very well considering I have no idea what date we would you to celebrate the beginning of our relationship.

But one date I won't forget is the first time I got to spoil my man with a surprise and a spoiling. He's incredible to me and I really want for nothing, so it was his time to be treated for a change. We don't have to blow romance out the water, so a simple "get dressed and don't ask questions" on a Sunday morning felt wildly romantic.

We all think different things when we want to romance, but without a doubt ... I think food!!!


Click on Mr Unexpected's yummy omelette to check out the menu

When I think food and romance ... I think La Vie En Rose.

I think that no relationship goes without it's hitches and together Mr Unexpected and myself are slowly trying to work though him adjusting to the attention, the crowds and all the outings. He's not a photographer for nothing and I've been dabbling in the human psyche long enough to know that trying to shift someone from behind the camera to in front of it is taking them completely out of their comfort zone. That's why I needed this day with him and that's why I needed the hospitality and genuine natures of Yanky and Rony who own La Vie En Rose.


You just can't miss the variety of teas

It was busy enough for me to be thrilled that one of my favourite spots in Jozi is getting the recognition it deserves, but it was cozy enough for Mr Unexpected and I to get to spend some special time together. My dad taught me that food brings out the passion in all of us ... whether we are cooking it or eating and it and my man has been cooking for me since we were just those friends. I know there are months of getting to cook for him too, but then there are those times when neither of us should be cooking and we should just be spoilt.
Food does one thing ... but tea does another. Okay, you might not find that quoted anywhere but from me because tea is my safe space. Tea reminds me that everything will be okay and the welcome variety of gorgeous teas (besides the Libran crisis of having too much variety) truly gives La Vie En Rose that little something special. It's seriously not just any tea.

We have some stuff to figure out and the pure energy of the restaurant took us out of an environment that is making us both nervous with me living with my mom ... him half here and half somewhere else.
I always knew that bringing someone into my life would mean that they would have to be okay with me blogging about them. I didn't think that it would get to the point where we would need to have photo opportunities together, but now I know that loving someone is respecting their choice for those to be few and far between.
So ... I couldn't get him to take a pic that oozes the happiness we are a couple, but he managed to time a test shot of me staring at him and saying more than a thousand words could say. I'm happy to have him behind the camera because I'm so proud of every picture he takes.

Read more about Yanky and Rony

When relationships are new and you are trying to find you feet, the more comfortable the environment, the better. My warmest thanks to got Yanky and Rony, the owners of La Vie En Rose, for making my first 'date' alone with Mr Unexpected so very special.

Read more about Morne and the staff of La Vie En Rose

To Morne and all the staff who shared in making the morning so very special and for creating masterpieces with food, thank you.

I might not be sure of the day I fell in love with my very special friend ... but I will always remember our first date!!

5 comments on “Romance a-La Vie En Rose - project me day 554”

  1. Wasn't it Greg who said something about living life in front of the lens rather than behind it. Then again, as Britney said, there are two types of people in the world, those that entertain and those that observe. Neither is necessarily right or wrong. Some folk need to hang back in the shadows while others remain on the stage. Think Phantom and Christine... 😉

    And... tea... what would the day be without my cup of chamomile to start (yup, that's right, start) the day. Can't beat it, not even with a big spoon 🙂

    But trust Greg on the lens thing :p

    My recent post I Wanna Go

    1. I think you give Greggie far too much credit ... lol!!
      A beer and chamomile tea drinker ... you never fail to amazing me!

      1. Greg... too much credit? NEVER!!! (1 million brownie points!) :p

        What can I say... I occasionally pretend to have taste. 🙂
        My recent post I Wanna Go

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Sam, I always get so excited!! Went to check out your blog and it's fantastic ... I'm a big fan of body butter so you got my attention! ;p

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