Running out of bandwidth - project me day 293

22 October 2010

There is always the one thing that pushes for the final?decision?and the big announcement even though everyone around seems to know what the outcome is going to be. I have been mortified at the responses of my friends when I tell them that I am continuing to blog 'project me' on a daily basis for yet another year.

Clearly I was the last one to figure it out, but I'm still making the big decision as though it were up for serious contemplation. I have had enough time to think about it and contemplated many scenarios of the future of 'project me the blog' because the journey is never ending.

Next year I have to finally move from living with my mom because she has to move too. My body has to heal and I have a whole new adventure of discovering physical exercise that I have never imagined doing. I can't hide behind Mr Big and have to look at dating and sex with new eyes. Then there are all the adventures of the career and the second year of our baby business.

So many loyal friends and followers have spurred me on through a year that has been filled with challenges and a few things made me realise that I would be lost without my daily blog.

Firstly, my sponsors have been incredible and when I talk to them they believe so much in me as in a personal and professional capacity. They are proud to associate their product with me and that speaks volumes to me. I plan for the sponsorships to grow and the expose of 'project me' to increase ?too because if this is what I have achieved in one year then why stop now.

Greggie and I watched some of the original YouTube video I did for 'project me' and he said "Who is that person?" Yes, I have changed that much and I know there is so much more to come.

I have made the most incredible friends in the blogging and social networking world because of this blog and I can't imagine not making more special friends and growing my bond with my old ones.

When my body has totally healed and I am asked how I did it I was say that I never stopped blogging. No matter how bad it was and even if I had to ask Greggie to blog for me, 'project me' never stopped for a moment. I never gave up on my project and blogging was my way of showing myself that my dad left me with a great gift ... the power to know that I don't fail and I never give up!

But ... the clencher for me was when I logged in to check my stats and the little red block warned me 'you are running out of bandwidth chick!' OMG ... as simple as that, the fact that my blog is generating so much traffic that I have to take a little step up the bandwidth ladder was the push I needed to commit myself to yet another 356 day of daily blogging.

Year one still has two and a half months but the it's official ...

And no one is to comment if there is not at least a faked attempt at surprise at my decision 😉

12 comments on “Running out of bandwidth - project me day 293”

    1. Sorry it's taken so long to reply hun but this girl now needs a few extra moments to get going. Thank you for all the support throughout the year and we shall continue looking for love together 😉

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