Sabio Communications helps launch Jodene's Breakfast - project me day 588

11 August 2011

I wanted to share a day that speaks for itself. I'm this crazy combination of thrilled and petrified and extend a very special thank you to Sabio Communications, with a special thanks to Sam Robinson, for believing in Lifeology and me and supporting this venture.

Also to Derek Martin and Crowne Plaza Johannesburg for providing me with the ideal venue to host these events.

I feel like I'm holding a Grammy, but I have to say an additional thank you to Greggie for supporting during a time that is crazy for both of us ... I get the feeling we are going to be hosting some magical Lifeology events together before we know it!

Please Tweet this, share this and send it along ... I would love to see you at a breakfast one day soon. That goes for all of you ... yes, even you over there on the other side of the world, tell them I'm coming 😉

M E D I A????? R E L E A S E

August 2011????? Sabio Communications


Social Media ? how to make it work for you and your brand

Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Foursquare and the latest Google+? this is what everyone is talking about at the moment. People are spending time writing blogs and uploading pictures on Facebook, brands are communicating with their consumers through Facebook updates and Tweets and freedom of speech has hit an all time high. It is obvious that the transition from traditional media to digital media is in progress and it is important that we embrace it now otherwise we will be left behind.

Many individuals, organisations and brands are scared to be active on the variety of social media platforms. And in an online world where there are a great number of formulas that can grow an online presence, not many suppliers of the formula can prove their benefits. And we often find that South Africans take an American formula and apply it to the online world we live in. We often forget how important it is to consider the online psyche inSouth Africaand adopt this to an individual?s or company?s brand.

Jodene, the co-founder of Lifeology, blogger and social influencer, has identified the need to teach South African individuals and brands why it is important to have online presence. ?While there is an abundance of technical support out there and many people can answer the ?how to? of socialising yourself, I aim to tackle the reasons why it is important to be online and how to align the needs of the brand with the platforms while showing the best way to use them,? says Jodene. As a blogger and social influencer, Jodene has learned the fearless approach to socialising a brand online and strips away the rules of online media, guiding you to allow the personality of your brand to stand out in the online platforms.

This was the reason ?Social media Tuesdays with Lifeology andCrownePlaza? came to be. ?Socialise Me is a unique product because it incorporates the tools and first-hand experience I used to grow my social media presence and these breakfasts will explore the different aspects of my approach,? says Jodene.

Who should attend these breakfasts:

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who want to promote themselves and their business online
  • Marketing managers who seek to understand and harness the power of a social media campaign for their company
  • Website owners who need to increase the traffic to their website/blog
  • Groups, clubs and community based organisations looking to build a membership base
  • Independent professionals who want to grow their referral and client networks

?It is easy to dismiss the importance of social media and networking, but it has never been as important for individuals, brands and organisations to embrace this new style of communication. If we make sure we are doing it properly from the get go, it will pave the way to success,? concludes Jodene.

The cost per person is R500 and the first breakfast will be held on Tuesday, 23 August 2011. For more information or to book contact Jodene by e-mail

About Jodene and Lifeology:

Jodene is the co-founder of Lifeology, a life awareness and people development company encouraging courage, consciousness and a sense of humour. They focus on highlighting the understanding that taking responsibility of our own lives is so impactful that it can change the world. As a life achievement facilitator, social media butterfly and through her daily blog, Project Me, along with her years of online presence, she has established herself as a social influencer who assists individuals and companies in understanding the power of being present on social networking platforms. Some of her achievements including blogging daily for over 560 days, she has hosted the Mashable International Social Media day event at the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg as part of 1400 events worldwide and she has been a guest on SAFM and Radio 2000 as a prominent South African social influencer.



Contact Details:

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Samantha-Jane Robinson, Sabio Communications

Tel: (011) 476-8270

Cell: 072 316 3254



On behalf of Lifeology,


Tel: 082?781 7570


4 comments on “Sabio Communications helps launch Jodene's Breakfast - project me day 588”

  1. Hey it's me hear on the other side of the world, saying "looking forward to your arrival". Not sure we are prepared for your awsomeness, but it's guaranteed to be one hell of a ride.

    1. Aaah ... you will be my first stop! We'll start with ice cream before anything else! I love you my friend ... and miss you like mad!

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