Save the date - project me day 231

20 August 2010

My mom has been amazing to me over the past year. She's taken me back home and supported everything I have chosen. She has gone from her disorganised yet routine life and morphed into adapting to the chaos that I cause in my daily routine. She is consumed in Country music after not being able to listen to music at all after my dad died. She brings me tea in bed and she has totally adjusted to the fact there her child talks about her life for the world to see.

For a mom she gets serious points. She pushed me whenever I got afraid to do most things in my life. She made me go on dates, told me not to run from boys, told me how love is supposed to hurt. If I can't tell her the truth then I know that I'm out of integrity with myself. When I'm not sure if I'm getting it right I check in and she reminds me that no matter what I do I'm getting it right.

She's let me be all pagan in her Jewish home and cherishes my beliefs because she sees how they have helped me blossom and grow into the person I am today. She understand the meaning of my tattoo and pushed me to have it done when I thought I wasn't sexy enough.
She's the funniest person I know and the most beautiful woman in my eyes. When it was my 21st birthday I gave everyone a song and hers was 'Beautiful in my eyes' and it fits so perfectly.

Today, my mom did it again. She's opened her home to my friends and me and I'm taking it over to have my birthday party here.
The year before last my dad had just passed away and I had the smallest gathering at Greggies house. Last year I was in Italy and now it's time for me have the birthday party I wanted to have when my dad was here with me.

He also supported my every choice and even let me put crystals all around his bed and do my little 'feel better rituals'. He told the nurses I was his little sangoma and he wanted me to have my birthday with him more than anything. He passed away just 5 days before my birthday and we had already bought the lamb that I was going to cook for us ... and now it's time to have the party that my dad wanted me to have in the space that I have reclaimed as my home with the blessing of my mom.

It's not tomorrow but today I saved the date.
Thanks to a chat with my mom it's confirmed that I'm having a party. A long awaited and very special birthday bash.

On the 24th of September I will be turning 37 and I'm celebrating with the expression of who I am and who my parents totally allowed me to blossom into ... their witchy, whacky, wonderful woman! It's dress up time ... witches, wizards, fairies, warlocks and dragon-rider style.

4 comments on “Save the date - project me day 231”

  1. Party... Whooo Hooooo..... 😀

    It's a parents job to push and promote. The good ones let you be who you need to be and remind you of who that is on occasion. We all become our parents eventually 😉 But, if done right we only take on the good and add the rest ourselves.

    Guess it's sad that some people wouldn't be able to consider their parents their friends. Guess I've been lucky that way... appreciate it while you can 😀
    My recent post Under the Bridge

    1. I can consider my mom a damn fine friend ... one lucky girl. My dad kinda pretended to be the cool dude but I think I crept right into that mushy heart of his 😉

      Party ... woo hoo! Come play Robbie ... it's the September long weekend ... I know u wanna 😉

      1. Long way off... but... :p a long way to go...

        Who knows... I've done stranger things in my time, with MUCH stranger people. Then again, "I am the people your parents warn you about!" 😉
        My recent post Under the Bridge

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