Sean Disney tells his project me story in support of Endangered Wildlife Trust

20 June 2011
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Sean Disney, Managing Director of Adventure Dynamics International, two times Everest summiteer and two times 7 summits climber. He is one of the world's most experienced mountain guides and is a ?MOUNTAIN MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER. ?He has been leading expeditions for over 15 years. Sean is the first South African to complete the GRAND SLAM, skiing to the South Pole, North Pole and completing the Seven Summits.

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On a personal note: Sean, I can't express how grateful I am for having had the chance to chat to you and be inspired by both our conversation and your answers to your project me story. I embarked on a big adventure of my own today and project body is underway. I thought about our conversation while in my first water aerobics session and I felt as though I was going to give up half way through. We all have our own mountains to climb and you have made it sound rewarding that it helped change my attitude and see me through. You are beyond and inspiration and I wish you many more mile and mountain peaks of happiness.

Here is Sean's project me story:

What is your definition of happiness?
I have been blessed in all aspects of life. Happiness comes from within, being high on a mountain with a great view is when I am most happy and at peace.

If you could have everyone say one thing to themselves every day, what would it be?
Live to the boundaries you set, do what you say, don?t let yourself down and be fair to others. Remember your most valuable things are not your house and car but your family, reputation, job and friends

We all need someone to believe in us. Who is that person for you and why?
Everyone who has ever given me a fair break, and a chance to get ahead. An everyone who have put their lives in my hands.

What quality do you believe we can never be taught because it is our birth right?

Describe the moment when you realised that you could achieve anything?
I have always thought I can do anything I want, but didn?t realise the potential I can still achieve

What have you always dreamed of being or doing and have you reached that dream?
I dreamed of climbing Everest once so I climbed it twice.

When life gets in the way, what do you always remind yourself of?
Sort it out logically and systematically and deal with it sensibly

We all have something unique to offer the world, what is yours?
Tales of adventure and you can live a unique life

How do you deal with the fears that could potentially hold you back?
Fear is a good thing, it challenges and protects, someone without ?fear? is dangerous to themselves and those around them ? I confront fear.

What do you believe we have lost sight of in the world as a whole?
Man?s continual capitalistic greed, grabbing and wanting is weighing him down and making him lose sight of what really counts.

Sean Disney supports the Endangered Wildlife Trust

The EWT is a non-profit conservation organisation operating on-the-ground projects throughout Africa, with a particularly strong presence in southern Africa. We take a partnership approach and have constructive relationships with industry, government and communities, all for the conservation of our biodiversity.
The EWT?s structure allows for expertise to be developed in a particular area of conservation. However we have an overall conservation strategy for the organisation and our specialists meet regularly to ensure that this strategy is being followed. In this way we are able to provide holistic solutions to a large number of environmental problems, while still fulfilling the key niche of species protection.

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