September 2021 Energy Update: Numerology & Astrology

30 August 2021

How did September get here so fast?
This is always an interesting month because the numerology of it signifies the end of the numerology cycle. Of course, as something ends it begins again, which links us into the perfect collaboration of all parts of the universe – and so the seasons change during this month. Some are ending winter and others summer, but either way, we are all entering a time of natural endings and beginnings this month.
This 9th month of the year is not only about what needs to end in order for the new to begin. It is also aligning us with the ability to see where our focus and passion lies and where we have scattered interests or can’t bring ourselves to focus. If you are true to yourself and listen to where your joy and frustration fits, then you will have another layer of what needs to end.
When we add the universal 5 to the month, we have our double 5 energy of the year. This adds a layer of intensity, that will be what you make it. It may be filled with highs and lows or a lot of highs that you will need power naps and lows where you will need a soft place to land. This is all because of the 5’s energetic pull to the extremes so that we prepare for balance when the 6 comes around.
The 5 is also an opportunity for us to reflect on 2021 and to see how far we have come in own our power to choose and brave change. The 5 gives us the opportunity to transform like no other number, because your soul, higher self, your Source of all creation knows who you are when you are authentic, expansive, adaptable, and trusting in the flow of life, which are all the within the power of this number.

The Astrology for the month begins on 3rd September with Balsamic/Dark Moon which starts in Cancer and moves through Leo in the 72 hours before New Moon. Contemplating all things close to the heart may be on your mind to start and then Leo will shift you into wanting to see where the fun may be missing. It’s a great time to contemplate putting creative things on your New Moon list.

If you haven’t tried working with the Moon Phases to Manifest the Life you Want, then download the FREE Ebook to guide you. If you feel you need additional steps, then take advantage of this month’s Transformation Coaching discount and spend some time with me as we create your first list and guide you through working with the moon.

New Moon in Virgo on the 6th/7th depending on your location will want you to get into the details of some things. Use this time to embrace the analytic energy this moon phase brings and unpack some of the events that are taking place around you, to see them from a practical space. The emotion will flood back in soon enough.

First Quarter Moon on the 13th in Sagittarius may feel a bit restless, as the double 5 that governs restlessness when in the shadow cranks up the same feeling Sag can have when life isn’t happening according to your ego timing.

Full Moon on the 20th is in the watery and emotional sign of Pisces. When we want to change, we also need the spotlight to shine on what must change in order for something to be different, and this moon phase may do just that. It’s not the things that the mind will be processing, but the way you are feeling that you need to pay attention to.

Ending the Month in Cancer again, with the Last Quarter Moon on the 29th, give you time to settle back into what you have realised is closest to your heart and what you have managed to brave saying or doing to bring about change since the start of the month. This last phase of the moon gives you a few days to get the last things done from the realisations you have.

Libra Season begins on the 22nd and shifts us out of the critical and practical energy of Virgo and into the place where balance and harmony becomes a priority for us. The trick with Libra energy is to keep an eye out for the places where you are responding in order to keep the peace. The 5 energy will clash with that because it is pushing you to authenticity.

Please be sure to check the moon dates on the Moon calendar to ensure you have the correct day and time for your time zones, as some of these moon phases are on different days depending on your location. If you use the moon for planning or rituals, you want to be as close to the moon time as possible.
I’m often asked what to do if you can’t be exact on the moon time. My suggestion is to be as close after that time as possible, but not before to do your moon work.

Equinox is on the 22nd/23rd depending on where you are in the world. This is a celebration is getting through another season and the welcoming of the new energy that your change of season will bring. We are meant to feel the seasons move through us, so your Southern Hemisphere bodies will be ready for the sun and rising to be seen in the world in your special way, while the Northern Hemisphere will have your bodies preparing to go inward, where much planning and creating can begin.

On September 27th we have Mercury back in Retrograde. It seems to come around before we are ready for it and this time it is in Libra. Forget all the things you have heard about not signing contracts and technology going on the blinker and focus on what is important until 18 October – Communication in Relationships!!!

From this point, until nearly the end of the year, we will have 7 celestial bodies in retrograde. I can’t stress enough how supportive the energies are for us to brave our shadow work during this time. With this, I am extending last month’s special of 15% off a Transformation Coaching session with me. My coaching is designed for you to understand shadow work and be guided through the healing journey you need to brave the changes you most desire or may not even be aware will serve you best.

My birthday month gift to you!
I wrote my first novel, Ephineah in the midst of my first Saturn Return and am amazed that I’m two short years away from my Chiron return. Yep, two years to the big Five-Ohhhh! While I’m slowly writing my next novel, with a whole new layer of life lessons weaved in, I’m gifting you with my first novel at less than $10 in paperback and $5 on Kindle, through Amazon for September.
I’m proudly self-published, but my dream is for Ephineah to land in the hands of someone who see the value in publishing it and my bigger dream is that it becomes a movie. You’ll see why it could be up there with Under the Tuscan Sun and Eat, Pray, Love (yes, I’m that confident) when you read it, and I bet you’ll think that Jane Fonda would make an amazing Ida. So, please do let me know if you read it and if you would, a review on Amazon, Goodreads or your social networks would be an amazing gift to me!
Look out for extracts from the book and reviews, as well as other ways I’m going to celebrate Ephineah through September. In the meantime, here is a very special review!

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Stay brave!!

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