Set your compass to happy - project me day 824

5 April 2012
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Every day I wake up and wish that I could change the story I share with you to one that's a whole lot less financial stressful and emotionally trying because of the pressure that money issues always put on our lives. Yes, there are glimmers of income and we are sitting on so many exciting opportunities, that I know the stories are going to come soon, but in the midst of it, I could so easily fall back into the trap of sounding like a broken record and throwing in the blogging towel.

That's the only throwing in that might ... very slightly ... have been up for option. There's no part of me that nearly close to giving up the fight for my dreams or my business.

A few days ago I had a very big realisation about my blogging and how much I miss the part of me that shares the life's lessons more than rambles on about the same old, same old events and trials of the day. That?epiphany then sparked off another thought that took me to yet another huge change in my attitude towards my life and my dreams.
Greggie and I were chatting about my place in the Social Media community and what I set out to achieve in the world compared to where I am today. I've been thinking a lot about that lately and the word 'thought leader' has been the one thing that has been weighing on my mind most of all. Yes, I know I'm that, but I think the lines got very blurred about how I got to be that thought leader and find my place in the social media space.

I have to reflect back a few years because I get to my epiphany ...
Greggie and I are great fans of Mike Dooley, who started Notes from the Universe. If you aren't receiving a daily message in your inbox, then I'd change that fast, but in a nutshell, 'The Universe' a message every day, that keeps you focused, aware and conscious. When Mike was in South Africa, there was no way we were missing out on him and his seminar was amazing. I've learned that there's always usually ONE thing that stands out and sticks with you forever and on that day Mike spoke about purely focusing on 'happiness'.

Happiness means something different to everyone and sometimes we don't even know what happiness means to us. We get fixated on plotting out our goals and making sure that we are following our dreams. All of those things are so effected by everyday life and things totally beyond our control. If we just focus on being happy and knowing that the road might be bumpy to get there, but we wouldn't be doing anything else that could make us that happy, then everything seems so worth it.

Back to today ...
What makes me happy? Teaching ... sharing ... inspiring ... supporting ... but mostly, giving people the opportunity to find what they can offer to the world that nobody else can. That's all I do for myself, every day of my life and that's how I became who I am in the social media space. Yes, the journey has been amazing and I'm now showing others how to find their uniqueness in their social media space ... coz that's what Lifeology does, but that's not what made me who I am today.

Focusing on happy made me who I am today. Having faith in waking up and?distinguishing?between my fears and my happiness has kept me going when things have been the lowest of low. Sharing my 'project me' story, that in essence, is all about being conscious of 'happy' ... that's what people know me for. That's what makes me a social influence. That's where I set my compass when I was a little girl ...

That's my happy!

From as far back as I can remember, when all my friends where on their BMX's and playing with dolls, my dolls were lined up in a row and I was telling them stories. Not reading them stories, telling them stories. I was teaching them life's lessons ... and I was happy. I hated school, but loved my school projects because I could do anything if I was just allowed to tell a story my way. That's been the common thread through it all. The compass is set to happy as long as I'm showing just one person in the world that they have their 'happy' too ... and all they have to do is set their compass.

You don't even have to know what will make you happy, just know that what you want and deserve ... happiness! Then know the difference between fighting on because nothing else will make you happy, even when the moment is sucky and you don't feel like you feel happy at all. If you're heart is set to 'happy' ... you'll know!

Trust me ... you'll know!

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