Shut up and listen to what you say to yourself - Project Me post 1068

22 March 2015

I'm in the process of manifesting the biggest dream of my life. Sometimes I think that's a complete exaggeration and I need to rephrase that, because there are many more dreams that I have, but then I realize that in the moment, I truly is the biggest one.

It started 10 months ago, when I bought my tickets to the biggest country music festival, halfway around the world. I've dreamed of this since I used to listen to Willie Nelson playing on the tape player in my mom's bedroom, when I was getting ready for school. I have had lists of country singers that I have wished to see, with all my heart and soul. I was always trying to decide who I would go watch, if I could only pick one, but now I find myself heading to a concert that will have 50 YES fifty country music artists, spanning half a century of music.

I can't believe it!!

That's the fatal mistake right there. It's been chaos in the build up to the final plans for the trip. Passport, airline, planning drama and financial glitches all started to feel as though they were standing in my way. I've also had personal and business issues creep up, that could potentially put a damper on this incredible manifestation.

Then one day, I caught myself saying it. I listened to the number of times I said, "I can't believe it," when referring to the trip.

When my dad passed away, I spend years explaining to my mom that I believed he didn't see us from the other side, but he and all other Universal Unseen energies, don't see us. They purely feel the vibration of the energy with which we act, speak and feel. I tried to get my mom to see that when she felt happy and grateful, when positive energy bounced from her, into the universe, that's what my dad would feel. It's a simple analogy, but it helped her.

I forgot how much I needed to remind myself of it and that statements of disbelief, even though they are referring to the manifestation of something great, is still not the right vibration into the universe.

Things started to go very wrong and I even had a friend ask me if it was not maybe the wrong time to be going on the trip. It's the only time! This is beyond a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is the time.

How to stop the chaos?

I literally started to listen to my words when I spoke about the trip and had to catch myself each time I could feel my energy shift and my lips about to utter the words of disbelief. It was a conscious, effort filled process, but with each time I shifted the disbelieving vibrations of the words into deserving affirmation of my passion and worth, things started to fall into place.

That's just one example of the places in my life that I catch myself using negative words for positive experiences. We all do. None of us focus on the power of our words, how the body holds onto them and how we confuse the universe with one intention, when we describe it with another.

This is one of those things you just have to try for yourself. Listen to how you describe and exciting moment or happy life event. Are you also in disbelief or overly grateful, because you didn't think you deserved it? It maybe seem positive, but is it really?

Sssshh ... listen ... rephrase ... and watch so much fall into place!

2 comments on “Shut up and listen to what you say to yourself - Project Me post 1068”

  1. Reach for a slightly better thought because you can't very well jump from a low vibration to high vibration and sustain it. The scale might look something like this.

    Undecided (neutral)
    Not sure (leaning towards no)
    Not Possible
    No Hope
    Complete Denial

    So it might be true that belief is necessary, but the belief doesn't need to be there at the start of the journey...
    ...but it will come naturally!

    1. This is so incredibly special ... thank you! It's something I have to remind myself of so often and having it sent by someone so important in my life, is a huge big sign and reminder!! Thank you my far a way friend!!

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