Simply Sunday - project me day 108

19 April 2010

It's always the story of the shoemaker's daughter and very hard to believe that I have been in the beauty industry since 1992 ... then why am I doing my own manicure and pedicure on a Sunday afternoon with my sister painting my toe nails and me painting my fingers? ... yes, I always sucked at painting so it's all over the place. Here's a beauty tip for you ... once the nail polish is dried on your skin because you suck at painting ... so your hands in water and use a nailbrush to gently remove all the oop's! Guess how I'll be starting my 'getting dressed' regime!

Life's really changed and so has 'project me' ... in a fun and new way! I'm not flush and the beauty regime is such a luxury ... so now I'm doing my own! I actually had fun! That's the whole point of this year ... do all the things that are fun and taking care of myself and making myself feel pretty and sexy is really special.So I have pretty pink toes ...

I don't often make the social arrangements ... and yes, that's a part of 'project me' that needs some work. I love my friends, including the one's I've met through Greggie, but I am not the social butterfly! Wait ... I am the social butterfly ... when the arrangements are made and I'm just arriving at the event! Hmmmm ... does it really not work for me?
Anyway ... Greggie made the plans and we had a super simply chilled out lunch with a new friend. It's awesome to be able to talk about anything ... but it's even more awesome to share how lives have changed, how we've grown and how much we are determined to thrive, flourish and blossom into all we know we can be.
I felt simple ... not silly simple ... but effortlessly simple in the space I'm in.

It's very obvious that I'm hard on myself, but after today I realised that it work the opposite to how many people are hard on themselves. I totally love who I am and therefore I push myself to reach the next level of greatness! Simple as that ...

So ... I have days when I don't feel super great about myself ... but I never hate myself or am hard on myself because I think any less of me ... simple as that ...

Years ago when I had to say I was 'smart and sexy' as an affirmation ... I used to stand in front of the mirror and cry! Now ... I don't even have to say it ... simple as that ...

11 comments on “Simply Sunday - project me day 108”

  1. I've become a bit of a pro painting nails... but that's a whole other story 😉

    Talking of fun. I had a message come through today from a very old friend. She and I have both had our ups and downs of late and it posed a challenge. "Find fun at least once a week" I think there are times that we fail to do so. Just get on with it... but it's the simple things that can bring the most enjoyment.

    You're aiming for greatness... you're not far off. Although I own awesomeness! 😉
    My recent post Coma White

    1. I love that you own awesomeness ... I so own being fantastic!
      If it's tough to find fun once a week then you should try making it your mission that see the fun in everything ... not going out and having fun, but the knowing that life is one big joy ride ... hmmmm!

      I hope you are having fun my friend ... especially painting nails ... giggles!

  2. Go you!! I love reading how things come into a different perspective for you. It's very refreshing, and inspiring, <3.

    Oh and I am bad at painting nails too, yet I managed to paint my 14 month olds toes its not pretty but its sparkly pink and she loves it anyway, hehe.
    My recent post The beauty of the unedumacated

    1. Thanks my friend ... I have to see the different perspective or the collective reality will drive me straight into ego!!

      The difference in nail painting is that I actually studied beauty therapy and should have passed that section, just maybe ... tee hee! Gave it up as a bad idea much sooner than later!
      I love sparkling pink 😉

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