Sit back, relax and blog - project me day 555

12 July 2011

I can't be rude but I have to blog. Or is it I can't be rude so I can't blog for long.
My sis and her hubby are here for dinner and in true style, I've totally run out of time. It could have been the combination of getting lost in skype chats that I haven't had in ages, getting ready to introduce a new partner to 'project body' and needing some best friend time with Greggie to really clear so any thoughts in my head.

I had every intention of rushing through a blog post, but my man has told me 'not to stress' while he cooks and I get to have my little time with you.
Still ... sis and hubby are sitting in front of me and I really can't be too long ... I hate this pressure because we all know how many words I love to use.

It's special to watch my man pottering around in the kitchen that I don't want to miss too much of it. He keeps calling out for me to relax and blog. I keep wanting to dash into the kitchen and hug him for being so amazing ... um ... I do love you all dearly, but I'm gonna go do that now ...

2 comments on “Sit back, relax and blog - project me day 555”

  1. Hahahaa... lost in Skype Chats... wasn't my fault, you "Boo"'ed me first! 🙂

    KITTY!!!! Hope you submitted that to ? 😀

    The kitchen, that's where the magic happens. 🙂 Because either the fastest way to someone's heart is through their stomach... or with a really sharp knife through the chest. Either way, the solution can be found in the kitchen 😉

    My recent post I Wanna Go

    1. Bwahahaha ... I love that kitchen statement and intend to find a way to throw it into a sentence.
      Kitty ... I must submit it ... never thought I would have a show cat ;p

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