Sleep over at 93 on Jan Smuts - project me day 314

13 November 2010

My spaciously gorgeous room for the night

It's taken me well over 24 hours to recover from my little break away from reality at 93 on Jan Smuts. It's literally down the drag from my house, but packing a little overnight back and leaving my laptop in another location was beyond exciting.

The team of 93 haven't ever known me without back pain and exhaustion and the offer to escape into the world of 5 star luxury is beyond appreciated.

A picture paints a thousand words which is such a relief, because it's impossible to express how exquisite this location is. When I was a little girl my favourite fairytale story was The Princess and the pea. I have always wanted to sleep in a princess bed and this certainly the closest I have been to feeling like one.

Champagne, arrival snacks, a quaint little dinner and heavenly chocolate brownies with freshly made ice cream was an absolute treat. The whole way through dinner all I could dream of was closing the door behind me and enjoying the bliss of quiet time. Each room has its own water feature and outside courtyard. The bathroom is the size of my kitchen at home and I was taking total advantage.

Walking back into the room at the end of the evening to find the bed turned down with more chocolate, a gown neatly folded and slippers calling my name and I was paying full attention.

This little night away meant more to me than everyone might have realised. It's been a year since I moved back to mom's house and considering I was only supposed to stay a month, a lot of emotion and confusion has been involved for me. After realising the financial burden it takes off the business and seeing how much my mom needs the company, I chose to reassess and decided that maybe I need the time too. I can't express how grateful I am that I was home when I injured my back and that I have had the family's support while I heal.
The only thing that I crave sometimes is that bit of privacy. It's an open house with someone strolling by at all times. For the first time in months I had space and didn't get woken by phones ringing, children crying of familiar voices. I went to sleep in a princess bed and woke up in total silence.

The tranquil gardens of 93 on Jan Smuts

No resentment ...

That's the gift that my special night of pampering and 5 star treatment gave me. I have had many moments of realisation along the way of 'project me' and this was yet another one. The moment when I woke up away from it all and didn't hold any feeling or regret or resentment. I know exactly why I moved home. I had time to think about my choices and even though I might not have the freedom that I have when I live alone, I am watching my dreams come true. I wouldn't change a thing and I needed this gift of a night away to make me step away from my space and see where I am in my life.

Waking up was just as much of a special experience and I reveled in the silence, I can't lie. I still can't lie in bed and have a cup of tea because my back only does horizontal or vertical, so I pottered around and enjoyed my freedom of nakedness knowing no one was going to knock on the door.

Have I said how I am totally a breakfast person? Oh, have I also said that 'totally' is my new word?
Back to being a totally breakfast person. You can imagine my excitement when a whole spread of food from fruit to cheese to pastries appeared on the table. I might have overdone the tea in the overnight stay thought.

Thank you to the staff of 93 on Jan Smuts for your hospitality

It was a battle to drag myself away from the surrounding of the Boutique hotel and the amazing team of staff that made me feel so special. Actually, when I went to my room to pick up my bags and say good-bye to my temporary princess bed, I felt a little sad. On the other hand, it was great for me to see how my imagination and affirmation of who I am run so deep ... this is the first of many moments where I am recognised as a blogger and invited to a venue to be a guest. Not because I am the blogger, but because I am Jodene and I am worth it.

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