Smile and other good advice - project me day 593

17 August 2011

Of course I'm rushing ...

I'm totally not adjusted to doing a day's work, having girl's night out and ... oh, shit ... having to make sure there's dinner for Mr Unexpected.

Smile ...

That's the only thing I really have to share with you anyway!
It's been an interesting few days (or weeks) and last night was well needed time with Greggie and mom on our Tuesday night's that Mr Unexpected has now labelled "talking about our feelings night". No ... he's not included in those and I know he's smiling big time about that.

I, on the other hand, needed to hear the very simple advice ... smile ... because I've gone back to a whole lot of seriousness of late. Greggie reminded me of the fun energy with which I conducted so much of my life when he first met me and somehow it's been overshadowed by a whole lot of seriousness, which is the opposite to how I should be living each moment.

Either way, I'm going to make my dreams a reality! I just need to choose how I want it to be done and really want to be smiling. I don't want to uptight and serious and if you ask anyone close to me right now, that's all I am of late. Of course, I'm cutting myself some slack because it's a scary space to be in and I don't know if I've mentioned enough times but Greggie goes overseas for a month in the first week of September. Yep ... one whole month of being on my own in Lifeology and not having that best friend to turn to when I freak out (which I do every second day or so). It's?financially and emotionally scary to think about. He's the anchor for the responsible side of the business and have a lot going on while he's away, including running Socialise Me Breakfasts in Durban ... SMILE!!

Yes ... he's reminded me of the power of a smile and how it has the energy to change my entire energy, so I've been doing a lot of that today ... A LOT!!!

Now to dash off for a fun girl's night out and not panic too much about my achy back ... SMILE!

2 comments on “Smile and other good advice - project me day 593”

  1. "Smile", it's something that far too many people have forgotten to do.

    Reckon many think I'm simply insane because I'll often just stop and smile to myself. Usually it's a thought that pops up that only I would understand. You'll also find that it's pretty infectious too 🙂
    My recent post Best of Both Worlds

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